AMERICAN PATRIOTS STRIKE BACK — Mike Lindell Files Bombshell Class Action Lawsuit Against DOMINION on Behalf of Threatened Poll Workers

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COLORADO 10/1/21 — Mike Lindell dropped a bombshell on DOMINION’s head this morning with an announcement in an appearance on Bannon’s War Room. When the first reports of Dominion voting machines possibly being used to hack, steal and rig the 2020 election surfaced, Dominion first went silent. They scrubbed their executives from Linkedin and moved their offices in Canada. Then they lawyered up and went on the offensive filing a slew of exorbitant lawsuits against scores of people who reported alleged election fraud possibly involving Dominion voting machines. It appeared that they were using a scorched earth strategy of lawfare to scare anyone from mentioning anything about the potential issues. Well, now Mike Lindell has called their bluff and filed a 73 page class action lawsuit against Dominion. This is in addition to MyPillow’s $1.6 Billion Freedom of Speech lawsuit he has already filed against Dominion. He said that all those who had been reportedly bullied by Dominion are welcome to join the class action lawsuit to fight back.

This is a pole watcher class action lawsuit. This was all the people that Dominion sent threatening letters to. This is all part of their grand coverup and grand scheme using lawfare. It was just filed last night. It’s a class action. These are all mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that were volunteering, that were out there during the 2020 election and they got sent letters from Dominion saying you don’t get to talk about anything you’ve seen. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. We’re coming at Dominion and coming at this election of 2020 from every angle we can, because you know, you showed here at the beginning, not just Donald Trump, the election was stolen from our great President but down tickets too. We would have the House and the Senate, all of the down tickets were taken too – a lot of them. Now remember, Dominion sent letters to over 150 individuals, and they bragged about it. They bragged about it.”

Mike Lindell on Bannon’s War Room

Class Action Lawsuit

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