NBA Players Vote to Permanently Boycott the NBA as Ratings Crash

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NBA players take a stand, or rather a knee, in a move that is destined to dramatically change the course of the United States of America forever. The unanimous vote showed their immense courage to bow down and kneel to the marxist mobs that are burning and looting Democrat cities across the country. If successful, police departments in Democrat cities will be defunded. This will finally enable the citizens of Democrat cities to revel in the unrestricted glory of what CNN reports as “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.”

This unanimous vote shows the NBA is a unified front that will most assuredly achieve their goal. The vast majority of people in the USA look to overgrown men who are paid millions of dollars to play a game bouncing a ball and running up and down a court, to define their moral compass. After all, growing well over 6′ tall means they must have a lofty intellect, because their brains are so high off the floor. The air is also thinner at their elevated brain altitude giving them a giddy sense of moral superiority. And developing such a high degree of skill throwing a ball through a hoop certainly means these players must have properly aligned morals because it takes great accuracy to do such feats. These qualities enable them to educate the rest of America’s citizens who lack such high brains or accurate throws. Such viewers routinely tune in to basketball games in order to be told what to think, what to do, and how to vote. How else would American citizens possibly know what to think or do?

This extraordinary move comes after their previous attempts to affect change were not as successful as the players had intended. Apparently, Americans failed to properly respond to players disrespecting the flag and national anthem by kneeling and making various gestures. They also failed to properly respond to political messages plastered all over the playing court and players themselves. So rather than actually doing anything for any of the issues they support, the players decided to boycott the NBA and stop playing basketball permanently.

“What better way for us to gain more traction in political social issues, than to permanently stop doing the only thing that anyone pays any attention to us for in the first place?”

-NBA Players Spokesperson

NBA Playoff Ratings Crash by 23%, Lowest Watched in 5 Years

Gee, who wouldn’t want to watch basketball and have the players disrespect the flag and National Anthem, while shoving radical political messages in their face? LOL!

Viewership on ABC is down 23 percent and the numbers are down 20 percent overall compared to last year’s playoffs

“The Lakers’ win ranks as ABC’s least-watched playoff opener in five years (2015 Pelicans-Warriors: 3.49M), with the caveat that this year marked the first time since 2004 that it did not air a game on the opening day of the postseason,” Sports Media Watch added.

The league has tried to blame the coronavirus and its effects; however, SportsBusiness Daily recently noted that ratings for last season were also bad, as the 2018-2019 season lost 12 percent in viewership. That, of course, was pre-pandemic.

Other ratings reckoning also finds the NBA has lost viewers. ShowBuzz, for instance, noted that the league lost 28 percent in the important 18-49 age bracket.

Ratings for the NBA has been bad since its initial debut. The numbers were similar early in August.

The ratings for the NBA were so poor in the first week of August that Fox News programming — and even Rachel Maddow on MSNBC — beat opening night NBA ratings.

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