PA Joint Resolutions Introduced to DECERTIFY Fraudulent Results APPOINT TRUMP ELECTORS!

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PENNSYLVANIA 11/30/20 – Today PA State Senator Colonel Doug Mastriano introduced Senate Resolution 410 to formally overturn the certification of the allegedly fraudulent PA election for Biden. It further claws back the constitutional authority for the legislature to appoint their own electors. PA State Representative Russ Diamond introduced the complimentary House Resolution (HR1094) to formally dispute the 2020 election results. The House resolution already has 21 sponsors. Passage requires 102 votes.

The Pennsylvania legislative session ends tonight at midnight however, so something would have to happen fast to pass the joint resolution. They would also have to extend the session or call for a special session to continue dealing with this constitutional crisis. Steve Bannon discusses the PA legislative predicament in Bannon’s War Room Ep 548.

These explosive developments are a direct result of the ground shaking Gettysburg hearing. As the massive alleged fraud in this election is fully exposed it is becoming clear that President Trump won his reelection in a LANDSLIDE. It will take more American Patriots like State Senator Doug Mastriano to stand up to defend free and fair elections to protect our American republic before it is lost forever.

COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS: The Patriotic Courage that was sparked in Gettysburg has now spread to Arizona where it blazes even brighter as Arizona calls for a resolution to decertify their recently certified allegedly fraudulent election. The newly sparked courage in Arizona may bounce back and help the PA leadership to gain some backbone to move their resolution further.

We are on the verge of setting a conflagration of Liberty across the nation as American Patriots take a stand.

PA State Sen. Mastriano’s Senate Resolution SR410


PA State Rep. Russ Diamond’s House Resolution HR1094


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