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PatriotBites Launches Interactive #Fix2020 Dashboard to Track Status of States Exposing 2020 Stolen Election Fraud

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Many of our followers may have been wondering why we were silent over the past week. We were just busy building a brand new interactive #Fix2020 Dashboard to help track the progress of all the state forensic audits as they finally start to reveal the truth about the 2020 election.

#Fix2020 Dashboard Featured Image

Give our new interactive #Fix2020 Dashboard a spin!

As the Arizona forensic audit nears completion of the physical ballot count, the leftist are losing their minds. They thought they could successfully suppress and bury the massive evidence of 2020 election fraud under their carefully crafted and instigated #Insurrectiongate. They were wrong. American Patriots across the country are PEACEFULLY pushing their state legislatures to get to the TRUTH of exactly what happened in the likely stolen 2020 election. Delegations from many of the other allegedly fraudulently certified states have traveled to Arizona to tour the audit floor and see how they may implement similar forensic audits of their ballots.

As this Trump Train gains steam and barrels across the country, be sure to keep an eye on our interactive #Fix2020 Dashboard where we will organize and track the varied states’ progress revealing the shocking truth!

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