Patriots’ Day Cybershot Heard Round the World MyPillow Sues DOMINION for $1.6 BILLION Launching LIVE 48 Hr. Free-speech Frank-a-thon

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FRANKSPEECH.COM – Mike Lindell fired the Patriots’ Day cybershot heard round the world as he announced that MyPillow filed a $1.6 BILLION lawsuit against DOMINION. He made the blockbuster announcement as he launched his new free-speech platform, Frank, at His first guest was the renowned constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz who discussed the lawsuit. This is not a counter-suit to the lawsuits that DOMINION filed against him and MyPillow. This is a brand new lawsuit as he goes on offense to stop their attacks on our first amendment freedom of speech.

In the above video Alan Dershowitz discusses the strength of the freedom of speech case against DOMINION. This was the same day as his appearance as the first guest on the Frank-a-thon, from Real America’s Voice. Below is the interview from the launch of the Frank-a-thon livestream. Alan Dershowitz was the very first guest to ever appear on the new FrankSpeech social media broadcast platform.

Alan Dershowitz discusses the $1.6 Billion lawsuit against Dominion as the first guest on

After a massive cyber-attack took down the wider Frank website preventing users from signing in and setting up their new account profiles, Mike Lindell was still able to go live and launch his 48-hour live Frank-a-thon on The live-stream ran fine for most of the day with a few minor glitches until about 5PM when the live-stream was overwhelmed as well and went down for about 5-10 minutes before they could bring it back up.

In the above video Ted Nugent discusses how FrankSpeech is the frontline defending the freedom of speech against the globalists communist agenda.

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