Patriots Descend on Freedom Plaza in DC Stop the Steal Rally March to Supreme Court to Fight for Trump!

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WASHINGTON DC 12/12/20 – American Patriots from across the nation descended on Washington DC today to march from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court to show their growing support to #StopTheSteal! In the below video from Right Side Broadcasting Gen. Flynn gives a rousing speech about TRUTH, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and FIGHTING ON for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! #FightLikeFlynn #FightForTrump #FightForTruth!

President Trump Flies Over Freedom Square as Crowd Sings the National Anthem

“I think we are making history,” #Alexander said in front of a “Let the Church Roar” #rally at the #NationalMall “Today is when we are deciding whether our government is legitimate or illegitimate.” @Transparency2020 #Transparency2020

— NTD ntdnews Saturday, December 12, 2020

Full Live Coverage of the DC Stop the Steal Trump Rally

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Watch some of the massive high energy MAGA Trump Rallies as President Trump barnstorms across the nation.

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Trump car parades that began this fall pick up steam in support of President Trump as the election nears.

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Trump boat parades that spontaneously erupted all summer catch a new wave in support of President Trump as he recovers from COVID.

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