July 4th 2023 Dependence Day at Resident Biden’s Crack House: Cocaine Mysteriously Found at White House After Hunter Visit – Social Media Users Launch Game of Clue to Discover the Culprit — “Hunter Biden with the drugs in the library”

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Stolen Elections Have Consequences… Putting the Biden Crime Family in residence at the White House has consequences… Cocaine found at White House by Secret Service. As the illegitimate Biden regime attempts to deflect from the many crimes of the Biden Crime Family an Internet game of Clue breaks out to discover who done it.

“Hunter Biden with the drugs in the library”: Internet game of Clue breaks out as cocaine is mysteriously found at the White House – two days after president’s recovering addict son attended

A game of Internet Clue has broken out on social media as Americans share memes about the cocaine found at the White House over the holiday weekend.

Mystery ensued on Tuesday following reports that a suspicious white powder that turned out to be the narcotic was found at the White House library on Sunday, sparking a hazmat situation and forcing an evacuation.

The discovery came two days after recovering addict Hunter Biden, 52, was last seen at the White House, and internet trolls took joy in speculating on the culprit.

— Daily Mail

“It Appears that Cocaine, has been Found at the White House. –And it Wouldn’t be a Thumping July 4th Weekend, Without Hunter Biden Ripping Lines Off a Bust of Teddy Roosevelt.”

The highest office! White House guessing game begins after cocaine found in library forced Hazmat evacuation – two days after recovering drug fiend Hunter Biden was on the property

The Biden family arrived back at the White House for Independence Day celebrations as the Secret Service investigates cocaine found in the mansion’s library on Sunday night.

Joe and Jill were joined by son Hunter, his wife Melissa and son Beau, three, as they stepped off Marine One on Tuesday after the discovery of white powder sparked a hazmat situation and forced an evacuation of the White House.

A dispatch call reviewed by DailyMail.com reveals a preliminary test found that the white powder tested positive for cocaine – leading to an evacuation of the White House premises.

The discovery came two days after Hunter, 52, was last seen at the White House as he headed to Camp David with his father for the long holiday weekend.

Mystery has ensued over who brought cocaine into the White House and the Secret Service is investigating the matter.

— Daily Mail