Portland Police Plead for an End to the ‘Endless Peace’ as 200 Peaceful Protestors Peacefully Burn and Rampage in 84th Night of Peace

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Portland Oregon Peace Zone – On the 84th straight night of peace in Portland the peaceful protesters attempted to peacefully smash their way into an ICE building and attempted to blind officers with lasers. They smashed windows and spray painted graffiti all over the building including phrases of love and inclusion such as: ACAB (All Cops are Bast•••s) and KILL ICE. They peacefully spread their burning love by setting fires in the streets and buildings. It was yet another glimpse of what the nation has to look forward to if the Democrats take the White House and are given the chance to defund the police nationwide. BLM and Antifa will unleash a whole lot more peace and love to a city or town near you. –PatriotBites

Portland’s police chief pleads for an end to the ‘endless destruction’ as 200 rioters start fires in the street and attempt to storm ICE building while spraying graffiti and shining lasers at cops on 84th night of trouble

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Portland police declared a riot for a second night running Wednesday as protesters tried to smash into an ICE building and clashed with federal agents on the 84th day of violence in the city. 

Cops fired tear gas to disperse the crowds after protesters pounded on the window of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement complex and spray-painted expletives on the walls.  

The violence came 24 hours after a 200-strong mob of protesters torched the city’s famous Multnomah Building. Demonstrations that often turn violent have racked Oregon’s biggest city for more than two months

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Meanwhile in Another Democrat Utopia – Retired NYPD sergeant robbed and beaten on video in broad daylight outside New York City deli

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A retired NYPD sergeant was seen on video being beaten as he laid on the ground in broad daylight in New York City.

The former police officer can be seen on video speaking with his assailant for about a minute Tuesday morning outside a Manhattan deli. A bottle is then thrown at him, and a struggle ensues, during which the officer is hit with several blows to the head as he lays on the ground, according to New York Post.

Shared from the Washington Examiner

… and Democrats allow BLM and Antifa to continue spreading endless peace and love across the nation…

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