UPDATED: POLITICALLY PERSECUTED PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEAKS TO WE THE PEOPLE — President Trump Addresses the Nation after Sham Arraignment by the Illegitimate Fascist Biden Regime’s DOJ/FBI Weaponized Against Their Political Opponent

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BEDMINSTER, NJ, 6/13/23 — President Trump addresses the nation after the political persecution sham arraignment, like a Boss!

Trump Truths Rabid Wolves!

President Trump Dropping Truth Bombs

President Trump: Man of the People!

Ultra MAGA Heroes Stand with Trump, Kari Lake, Sebastian Gorka, Jim Jordan and the Newly Unleashed Tucker Carlson

Kari Lake on the Illegitimate Biden Regime’s Use of the DOJ/FBI for Election Interference

Sebastian Gorka on the Real News of Biden’s Burisma Bribery Evidence and Why you can only vote for President Trump now.

Jim Jordan Asks Why Does Biden Have 20 Shell Companies?

Newly Unleashed Tucker Carlson on the Deep State’s Continued Attempts to Take Down Trump

CNN Anchor Melts Down at Control Room for Showing Truth about President Trump with the People

JP Sears’ Take on the “Honorable” FBI ;P

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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