TRUMP SCREENS $100 MILLION BLOCKBUSTER: “GOD’S CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE” — President Trump Screens Angel Studios’ Latest Smash Hit “Sound of Freedom” at Bedminster, NJ, as the Riveting Thriller Blasts Through $100 Million at the Box Office

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UPDATE 7/19-20/23: President Trump Screens ‘Sound of Freedom’ at his Bedminster, NJ golf resort with Jim Caviezel, Tim & Katherine Ballard and Eduardo Verastegui as the hit film smashes through $100 Million at the box office. The riveting thriller had been sidelined by Disney and Hollywood for years until Angel Studios, the creators of The Chosen, picked it up and brought it to theaters with the help of crowdfunded investors for the limited marketing budget. With over $100 Million so far in only two weeks those crowdfunded investors should see a healthy return on their investment.

UPDATE: Why They Don’t Want You to See ‘Sound of Freedom’ — Tim Ballard Reveals How U.S. Government Works With Child Traffickers

UPDATE: Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL Interviews Tim Ballard and Eduardo Verastegui About The Sound of Freedom, the True Story Behind it and Additional Rescue Operations

Tim Pool donates $50K to help rescue children as Tim Ballard and Eduardo Verastegui describe how Mel Gibson helped them rescue children in Ukraine and expose a pedophile network operating there along with the incredible true story behind Sound of Freedom.


Tim Ballard’s recounting of the incredible true story behind the necklace with his name and bible verse on it is a testament to divine intervention to save God’s Children. The necklace said “Man of God” on one side and First Timothy 6:11 on the other.

“But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.”

Timothy 1, 6:11

Tim Pool: “I watch a film that’s based on a true story and I see a scene in that film that I couldn’t believe was real and I’m tearing up, I was — Let me put it this way. We’re going to start getting into spoilers now… I want to talk about one of the most powerful things I’ve made reference to a week or so ago, it is when you rescue this kid on the border. You are talking to this child. You tell the child your name and the kid looks up at you and he says ‘Timoteo?’ He has a necklace that was given to him by his sister with St. Timothy — I believe is the — what was it, first Timothy?”

Tim Ballard: “First Timothy, 6:11 scripture reference, yeah.”

Tim Pool: “And when I saw that — first of all my name’s Tim, so I was just like ‘woah!’ Like that’s crazy for me to hear, your name’s Tim too I know. But I’m watching this movie. This kid is being rescued from this evil, evil man, and this organization. You said this is my name and then he pauses, and it seems to be like some kind of Divine Intervention when he says look what I have. As if you were sent specifically to save him. I was on the verge of tears when I saw that happen. I said, ‘Yeah, but I wish that really happened.’ And then you told me it did.”

Tim Ballard: “It happened and I told Alejandro, I said — ’cause I have the necklace. It’s like priceless to me. I have it in a vault. I took it out for my podcast and things, I should have brought it here. But, I said don’t put this in because no one’s gonna believe it and then it’s gonna come off weird and what are the chances? And people still don’t think it’s real, but they still like it. So he was right. But it’s great to be able to say it actually happened.

It didn’t happen in the garage like you see in the film, it happened in a different room. In an after-care center. He runs to me and he hugs me. And the part they didn’t pick up in the film is we were sobbing. I’m shaking, and he’s shaking, and that’s before I got the necklace. That’s before. He just starts grabbing me and he says to me, and I think [choked up], this was the transformational moment for me because I didn’t know if I was going to stay in this or — especially after this — this was the first kid I ever saw by the way, who was in a video. Before that time, I’d only done the videos, like end user, you know, possession cases of child exploitation material. This is the first time when I saw this kid, I knew him, and recognized him. I’d seen him being raped, full like thirty minute video. And his captor was the guy in the video. So, I’m already on heightened — like oh my gosh, it’s a real kid.

Today Prager U launched a series called Light in the Darkness, where they have me telling some of these stories. This story’s told. And, it’s dramatized in a really cool way. And, it’s more accurate. And, we’re sitting there, and we’re coloring. I’m trying to get him to talk because — where’s your sister? Where are the other kids. He’s five years old right? And, up until that point we’ve just been kind of friendly, he started trusting me. And, it was like this (snap). Something just turned on in him and he just ran over to me. And, jumped into my arms, like almost, again it was like an angel said ‘Go!’ or something. It was — he didn’t ease into it. He was coloring and boom he gets up and runs to me. And, he jumps into my arms and he starts shaking and crying, and I’m crying. I just lose it.

You know I’ve got kids his age. You start picturing your own kid as you superimpose your kids faces in the moment right? And he says these words to me, and it just — I couldn’t. I knew at that time the stats were millions of kids, so I heard him say this, it’s like I heard echoed millions of kids saying this. It’s a simple phrase but a five year old should never have to say it. He just said; ‘I don’t belong here.’ Could you imagine a five year old kid saying ‘I don’t belong here?’ No five year old kid would even think to say that, and he knew he belonged to his family and that’s when he pulled the necklace. And he said ‘My sister gave me this.’ And I didn’t take it, I was like ‘Oh, no, no, you keep it.’ He gave me the little card too, you see the card in the movie? He gave me the card too.

And I took it home and I was so broken up, I went home. And Prager U gets into this in the series as well. They just launched it today. I go home and I fall down. I fall down. I live ten, twelve minutes from the border. It’s a small town. And I fall down, and the dichotomy of the whole — I walk into my house and my kids are happy, and they’re playing. And they’re ten minutes away from this kid who has spent the first five years of his life being sexually assaulted and video taped. My kids are happy and I’m only ten minutes away. And I couldn’t deal with it. It was like the underbelly of my own town. And that’s everybody’s town. And it was so hard for me.

Remember, this was the first kid that I’ve seen, and I collapse on the floor. And Katherine thought I was having a heart attack because I’ve never had this happen. I was exhausted too. It was 48 hours or longer I hadn’t slept because the case was so intense. And she didn’t know in detail, but she kind of cradled me, like kind of held me, you know? And she was like ‘What is going on?’ And I tried to get it out.

That’s when I made the decision. I said ‘Katherine, I’m either in a thousand percent, or I’m a thousand percent out. Like I have to make a decision right now, because this is too much.

Then my other kid, who’s about the same age as this little boy — Miguel is not his real name, but in the film — my kid who’s his age takes the necklace. He’s like ‘What’s this?’ My kid’s Jimmy, and he says ‘What’s this?’ I said ‘Oh this kid gave it to me.’ I can’t tell Jimmy what’s going on, you know, ‘This kid I just helped.’ He’s like ‘Oh, cool.’ He’s looking at it. We call him Curious Jim. He’s a very curious kid. He’s very touchy. He looks and everything. He’s like ‘Oh, the kid put your name on it.’ I didn’t see it before. It says ‘Man of God’ on one side and on the other side it says First Timothy 6:11, but with that scripture. And he’s like ‘How’d he put your name on it Dad?’ I’m like ‘He didn’t, no, he didn’t.’ And then he shows it to me. And it was like boom. There’s my decision. It’s a thousand percent in.”

Tim Pool: “I know for the sake of filmmaking you guys had to do it the way you did, and it was masterfully done, but that story, I’m sorry, is just, told naturally, is better. Here you are not realizing what you’ve been given. You go home and make this decision and your kids are like ‘He gave you your name tag.’

I just want to say, as I’m hearing all this. I don’t follow any particular religion. I do believe in God. And atheists or whatever can call me naive, they can scoff, but I don’t know how you can hear a story like this, how you watch a film like this, hear about the work that you’ve done, see a movement like this and believe there’s not something out there, something more powerful. This I can only describe as, and I’m not, maybe it’s not for me to say, but, Divine Intervention.

— Timcast IRL

View the full eight part series on Prager U: Light in the Darkness

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BREAKING: Sound of Freedom is a SMASHING SUCCESS, projected to earn OVER $40 MILLION in opening week [Now Smashes Through $100 MILLION]

Angel Studios announced on Sunday that its smash hit movie Sound of Freedom is projected to earn $18 million in its opening weekend and claim the number three spot. Estimates are additionally predicting an even more massive $40 million at the box office in the opening week. The film also received an A+ CinemaScore, a 76% fresh score, and a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

— The Post Millenial

Star Jim Caviezel & Actor/Producer Edwardo Verastegui on Bannon’s War Room — “Most Important Film Of Our Life”: ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Puts The Fight Against Child Trafficking First and Racks Up $40 Million on Opening Week

7/11/23 — WOW! We went to see Sound of Freedom over the weekend and it was riveting. Even better than expected. I had never been to a film where the audience was so quiet and engrossed in the film that you could hear a pin drop. I had a hard time opening a candy wrapper because it was too noisy and I didn’t want to disturb the audience. Angel Studios’ latest smash hit earned over $40 million in the opening week. The powerful film had been sidelined by Disney and Hollywood for years until Angel Studios, the creators of The Chosen, picked it up and brought it to theaters with the help of crowdfunded investors for the limited marketing budget. If you haven’t yet seen this film, go out and see it in the theater to receive the full impact, including the powerful audience applause at the conclusion. In the above video Jim Caviezel joined Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room to discuss the ground breaking film, Sound of Freedom, and the incredible true story it’s based on, before it was released.

Jordan Harmon, Co-Founder Angel Studios — How ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Broke Every Industry Rule And Crushed Hollywood Movies

Hero Tim Ballard Discusses his True Story Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’ and the 6 Million Children Sold into Sex Trafficking Worldwide

Jordan Peterson: The Fight Against Worldwide Child Slavery & the Sex Trade | Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard

Original CBS News Report on One Prong of the Three Pronged Sting Operation ‘Triple Take’ 8 Years Ago: Undercover agent helps bust up Colombian child sex ring

The Incredible True Story Behind ‘Sound of Freedom’

Sound of Freedom, History vs Hollywood

Read all about the incredible true story behind ‘Sound of Freedom’ at History vs. Hollywood.

According to Tim Ballard, how much of Sound of Freedom is based on the true story?

“So, they play with some times, they bring a couple of things together that didn’t happen that fast, of course,” says the real Tim Ballard. “Some things are definitely over-reported. [Jim Caviezel] makes me look way cooler than I am. I promise. But some things are underreported, like we didn’t rescue 54 kids on that island operation. We rescued over 120, and there’s a documentary coming out called Triple Take, which tells everything that happened on that island.” 

-The Victory Channel via History vs. Hollywood

Back in Feb. 2019, President Trump Discusses Fighting Human Trafficking on the Southern Border with Tim Ballard and Others, Before the Illegitimate Biden Regime Threw the Southern Border Wide Open

Operation Toussaint 2018: True Story of a “Jump” [Rescue Operation] by Operation Underground Railroad, the Organization Behind Sound of Freedom

Tim Ballard, Tony Robins and Glenn Beck reveal the true story of Operation Toussaint, one of many “jumps” [rescue operations] performed by Operation Underground Railroad, the organization behind Sound of Freedom.

Tim Ballard quit his job as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, forfeiting his sizable pension, to form Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). With OUR Tim went undercover to rescue child sex trafficking victims that he wasn’t allowed to save while employed by DHS. Operation Toussaint follows Tim and his former special forces team undercover in Haiti as they bust a ring of child sex traffickers .

Tim also recounts part of the true story of rescuing the 5 yr. old boy being trafficked over the US southern border that is behind Sound of Freedom.

Tim Ballard: “And then something happened that was completely transformative for me. We were doing these child pornography investigations and one of the kids from the videos surfaced. It happened to surface right on the border where I was working.”

Glenn Beck: “Not long ago, a horrific video of a 5 yr. old boy being sexually abused in the worst way was discovered by US authorities. The boy and his 12 yr. old sister, they had been kidnapped and they had been trafficked back and forth between the US and Mexico. Both were sex slaves to a monster of a man. Well, something happened. Divine Providence stepped in and it took place at the US / Mexico border. The boy was seen by a US official who knew who he was, identified the boy in the video.

Hollywood Confused By New Movie That Depicts Child Sex Trafficking As Bad — Babylon Bee

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Hollywood critics, actors, and producers are reportedly confused by Sound of Freedom, an action thriller produced by Angel Studios and starring Jim Caviezel, because it depicts child sex trafficking as a bad thing.

According to sources among the nation’s entertainment elite, Hollywood insiders had been excited to learn there was a film coming out about sex trafficking but were then disappointed when they found out it’s depicted as a negative thing in the film. Critics have been giving the film poor reviews, citing the filmmakers’ “baffling” decision to take a stance against the practice, with The New York Times slamming the movie for “not having enough kink.”

Babylon Bee

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