President Trump Speech at Completion of 450 Mile Border Wall Promise Kept

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1/12/21 – President Trump gave a speech today that was largely ignored by the the Fake News media. He spoke in Alamo Texas to commemorate the completion of his 450 mile border wall. This was President Trump’s signature accomplishment and the first promise made when he came down the escalator on that fateful day that he announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. It would become the most resounding chant at Trump Rallies during the 2016 campaign. “BUILD THAT WALL!”

Well, against all odds, and against every conceivable roadblock thrown at him by the “open border” democrats, he BUILT THAT WALL AS PROMISED!

President Trump Speaks to Press Before Boarding Marine One and then Air Force One Heading to the Border Wall

President Trump Signs His Signature Achievement 450 Mile Border Wall

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