President Trump Surprises MAGA Supporters at President’s Day Rally

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL 2/15/21 — After the democrat’s #FakeImpeachment collapsed, thousands of MAGA supporters spontaneously took to the streets to show their appreciation for President Trump on President’s Day. Many MAGA supporters refuse to recognize #FakePresident Biden as legitimate after the stolen election and military occupation of the capitol. Those MAGA supporters still recognize President Trump as their rightful President. They got quite a surprise as President Trump paid them a welcome visit in his motorcade to show his appreciation for them.

[BTW: The holiday is Washington’s birthday. Then it became Washington & Lincoln’s birthday. Then it was diluted to honor all Presidents as Presidents’ Day. This year however, after the stolen election, installation of the illegitimate #FakePresident Biden and acquittal of President Trump from the third fake impeachment attempt, American Patriots are celebrating this one as President’s Day, just for the real President TRUMP!]

Happy President's Day President Trump vs #FakePresident Biden

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