BOMBSHELL DOMINION REPORT SUPPRESSED — Professor J Alex Halderman’s 25,000 Word Dominion Hacking Report Hidden Under Seal in GA

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GEORGIA 10/7/21 — GA Lawyer Kurt Olsen joined Bannon’s War Room today to discuss the massive election hacking report that is being suppressed by a GA judge. Shortly after the 2016 election in 2017, Computer Science and Engineering Professor, J. Alex Halderman, made a presentation to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the woefully inadequate cyber security of our elections. He has recently submitted a 25 thousand word report in an ongoing GA lawsuit, Donna Curling vs. Brad Raffensperger, regarding the 2020 election. Judge Amy Totenberg, who previously ruled the Dominion machines were illegal in GA, has put the report under seal. The professor has asked the judge to release the report to CISA for national security especially because it shows how Dominion may be hacked to switch votes remotely. This report likely confirms the types of hacking that Mike Lindell has been working to expose ever since the first reports of Dominion electronic voting machine issues in Michigan.

Our highly computerized election infrastructure is vulnerable to sabotage and even to cyber attacks that can change votes. These realities risk making our election results more difficult for the American People to trust. I know America’s voting machines are vulnerable, because my colleagues and I have hacked them, repeatedly, as part of a decade of research studying the technology that operates elections and learning how to make it stronger.

We’ve created attacks that can spread from machine to machine like a computer virus and silently change election outcomes. We’ve studied touch screen and optical scan systems, and in every single case we found ways for attackers to sabotage machines and to steal votes. These capabilities are certainly within reach for America’s enemies.

As you know states choose their own voting technology, and while some states are doing well with security, others are alarmingly vulnerable. This puts the entire nation at risk. In close elections an attacker can probe the most important swing states with swing counties. Find areas with the weakest protections and strike there. In a close election year changing a few votes in key localities could be enough to tip national results. The key lesson from 2016 is that these threats are real.”

Senator Jim Risch: “If you were sitting in Russia right now and wanted to do the same thing that you had done, would that ability be dependent upon the machines, or whatever system is used, being connected to the Internet?”

“That ability would depend on whether pieces of election IT equipment, IT offices where the election programming is prepared, are ever connected to the Internet. The machines themselves don’t have to be directly connected to the Internet for a remote attacker to target them.

Professor J. Alex Halderman senate testimony on Bannon’s War Room

Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Rebuttal Declaration

“In my report—a 25,000-word document that is the product of twelve weeks of intensive testing of the Dominion equipment provided by Fulton County—I find that Georgia’s BMDs contains multiple severe security flaws. Attackers could exploit these flaws to install malicious software, either with temporary physical access (such as that of voters in the polling place) or remotely from election management systems. I explain in detail how such malware, once installed, could alter voters’ votes while subverting all the procedural protections practiced by the State, including acceptance testing, hash validation, logic and accuracy testing, external firmware validation, and risk-limiting audits (RLAs). Finally, I describe working proof-of-concept malware that I am prepared to demonstrate in court.

My report concludes, inter alia, that Georgia’s BMDs are not sufficiently secured against technical compromise to withstand vote-altering attacks by bad actors who are likely to target future elections in the state; that the BMDs’ vulnerabilities compromise the auditability of Georgia’s paper ballots; that the BMDs can be compromised to the same extent as or more easily than the DREs they replaced; and that using these vulnerable BMDs for all in-person voters, as Georgia does, greatly magnifies the level of security risk compared to using hand-marked paper ballots and providing BMDs to voters who need or request them.

Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Rebuttal Declaration

Download Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Rebuttal Declaration


Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 9/21/21 Filing CISA eMails

My July 1, 2021, expert report describes numerous security vulnerabilities in Georgia”s Dominion ICX BMDs. These include flaws that would allow attackers to install malicious software on the ICX, either with temporary physical access (such as that of voters in the polling place) or remotely from election management systems. They are not general weaknesses or theoretical problems, but rather specific flaws in the ICX software, that I am prepared to demonstrate proof-of-concept malware that can exploit them to steal votes cast on ICX devices.

“Nor do these problems affect Georgia alone. In 2022, the ICX will be used in parts of 16 states.”

“It is important to recognize the possibility that nefarious actors already have discovered the same problems I detail in my report and are preparing to exploit them in future elections.”

“Continuing to withhold my report from CISA puts voters and election outcomes in numerous states at unnecessary, and avoidable, risk.”

“I am an independent expert who was engaged to conduct an impartial assessment of the security and reliability of the Dominion BMD system, using (in part) election equipment that the Court ordered I be provided. I have done that, as reflected in my lengthy, detailed report and other submissions in this matter. As an independent expert and member of the election integrity community, I have a professional obligation to take appropriate steps to ensure the severe vulnerabilities my report describes are properly remediated, to the extent possible, and that those tasked with election security and administration across the country have the information they need to make responsible, informed decisions about election procedures, including the equipment used, the manner and purposes for which it is used (including whether it is used at all), the steps needed to secure that equipment and other aspects of the election systems in which it is used, and more. In short, my professional obligations do not end at the boundaries of this lawsuit, nor do the serious risks to voters and elections that my report discusses in depth. Additionally, I can imagine no prejudice to anyone in this lawsuit (or beyond) from disclosure of my report to CISA, nor am I aware of any claim of prejudice from any of the parties.”

I submit this declaration to explain why I believe disclosure of my report to CISA is critically important (and not just for Georgia) and to respectfully ask that the Court allow that disclosure, rather than accept State Defendants’ position that my findings must not be shared beyond the confines of this lawsuit, including with those who are authorized to address the vulnerabilities with the ICX and stand ready to do so. If my findings regarding the ICX actually present no meaningful risks to voters and election outcomes and therefore require no remediation, as I gather State Defendants would have the Court believe, CISA is well positioned to determine that. If, on the other hand my findings do warrant remediation, as I believe they do, then CISA is well positioned to work with Dominion and the appropriate authorities around the country to implement remedial measures.

— Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 9/21/21 Filing CISA eMails

Download Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 9/21/21 Filing CISA eMails


Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 9/1/20

Download Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 9/1/20


Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 8/19/20

Download Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Declaration of 8/19/20


Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Testimony to U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Download Professor J Alex Halderman’s Expert Testimony PDF


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