BOOOOM! LONG HIDDEN BOMBSHELL HALDERMAN REPORT FINALLY UNSEALED CONFIRMING YET ANOTHER “CONSPIRACY THEORY” THAT ELECTRONIC ELECTION MACHINES CAN BE EASILY HACKED TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF ELECTIONS — Professor J Alex Halderman’s 96 Page, 25,000 Word, Dominion ImageCast Hacking Report Finally Unsealed After Two Years of Suppression Revealing MASSIVE Alleged Vote Changing & Election Stealing Vulnerabilities in the 2020 Election and Beyond

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Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections

GEORGIA 6/22/23 — Despite CISA claiming that the 2020 election was “the most secure election in history,” after being hidden under court seal for two years, the recently unsealed Halderman Report finally reveals just how insecure select Dominion voting machines really are. After being featured in the movie Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections, back when it was OK for Democrats to question election machines and the outcome of elections, J Alex Halderman, PHD, prepared a blockbuster investigative report about the security, or lack thereof, of select Dominion election machines — Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices. This comprehensive, 96 page, 25,000 word security analysis reveals massive alleged vote changing & election stealing vulnerabilities in the Dominion election machines used in the 2020 election and beyond. Garland Favorito, of VoterGA, first broke the news of the unsealing of The Halderman Report with Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse on Lindell TV’s The Lindell Report in the above video.

“WHOA, It’s a great day for America everybody! It is a great day! I’ll tell ya. You talk about prayers being answered. Everybody knows just a half hour ago I got off air, Brannon, and I took my tie off. I’m in the other room, and I call my lawyers up and I said: We’ve got to subpoena Halderman to find out what was in that report if they haven’t released it in three years — and they go Mike we have great news. It was just released. So there, all of you out there, I figure it’s an answer to prayer. I mean that’s the fastest call to action ever I believe.

You guys, it’s a 96 — I’m looking at it — Praise the Lord, 96 page report. This vindicates anyone that’s ever said anything about these machines being vulnerable, or elections being stolen, I mean it’s just a, this is a mini-miracle here. It is a miracle, that it was released finally, at perfect timing everybody because we have the Election Crime Bureau Summit coming up in August, 16th and 17th. Now everybody can point to the Halderman report. You get any naysayers out there going, Oh, those machines are just fine. AAAAN, Wrong! Here it is!”

— Mike Lindell on Brannon Howse Live

In addition to the threat from foreign governments, Georgia’s election system faces increasing risks from domestic political actors. Politically motivated attackers might seek to directly alter individual votes and thereby change the outcome of a future election through hacking.

— The Halderman Report, pg 12-13

Mike Lindell and Garland Favorito Join Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room to Discuss the Release of the Long Hidden Blockbuster Dominion Hacking Halderman Report

In the above video Garland Favorito of Voter GA joins Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room with key revelations from the recently released Halderman Report which had been hidden for over two years, as described by Kurt Olsen.

In the above video Garland Favorito joins Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room to discuss the latest blockbuster details from the Halderman Report.

Mike Lindell Joins Emerald Robinson on Lindell TV’s The Absolute Truth to Highlight the Key Takeaways from The Halderman Report

In the above video Mike Lindell joins Emerald Robinson on Lindell TV’s The Absolute Truth to review the blockbuster Halderman Report and Emerald wraps it all up in the below video.

Kurt Olsen and Garland Favorito Join Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse on Lindell TV’s The Lindell Report to Discuss the Significance of The Halderman Report

In the above video Kurt Olsen and Garland Favorito join Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse on Lindell TV’s The Lindell Report to discuss the significance of The Halderman Report.

‘Bombshell’ Report on Georgia’s Voting Machines Reveals the Many Ways U.S. Elections Can Be Rigged

“Earlier this week, a redacted version of the much-anticipated Halderman report on Georgia’s voting machines and weak election security procedures was unsealed by a court.

The investigative report contains numerous bombshell findings that vindicate those who raised serious concerns about the weak security of the Dominion Voting Machines used for Georgia’s elections, as well as in 24 other states, and the ability of malicious actors to potentially rig elections. The key takeaways are truly disturbing…”

Georgia a Prime Target for Election Fraud

My technical findings leave Georgia voters with greatly diminished grounds to be confident that the votes they cast on the ICX BMD are secured, that their votes will be counted correctly, or that any future elections conducted using Georgia’s universal-BMD [Ballot-Marking Device] system will be reasonably secure from attack and produce the correct results. No grand conspiracies would be necessary to commit large-scale fraud, but rather only moderate technical skills of the kind that attackers who are likely to target Georgia’s elections already possess. Unfortunately, even if such an attack never comes, the fact that Georgia’s BMDs are so vulnerable is all but certain to be exploited by partisan actors to suppress voter participation and cast doubt on the legitimacy of election results. […]”

Hackers Can Compromise Not Only Elections, But Audits

The ICX’s vulnerabilities also make it possible for an attacker to compromise the auditability of the ballots, by altering both the QR codes and the human readable text. Such cheating could not be detected by an RLA or a hand count, since all records of the voter’s intent would be wrong.”

Remote Hackers Can Install Malware to Compromise Elections in Numerous Ways

I have described several methods by which attackers can install malware with only brief physical access to an ICX. Although these are severe vulnerabilities, the ICX is also vulnerable to an even more dangerous method of malware installation. By modifying the election definition files that election workers copy to the BMDs before each election, attackers can spread malware to them remotely, with no physical access to the individual machines. By levering this vulnerability, an attacker who infiltrates a county Election Management System (EMS) can spread malware to every ICX in the county, and infiltrating other systems could allow vote-stealing malware to be spread to all ICXs state-wide. […]”

Attackers Can Obtain Root Privileges and Rig Elections for Parties, Candidates

An attacker with physical access to the BMD can manipulate the logs and counters via several routes. First, they need to escape from the ICX App, using any of the methods described in Section 8. After accessing the underlying Android operating system, it is a simple matter to locate the applicable file and change its contents to suit the attacker’s purposes.”

“Similarly, the attacker could remotely enable or disable the cheating, thereby defeating any pre-election testing. With wireless control, the attack device could be installed in the printer once and cheat in any subsequent election.

— Kyle Becker & The Halderman Report

VoterGA Highlight Presentation of The Halderman Report: Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices

Download VoterGA’s Highlight Presentation of The Halderman Report


THE HALDERMAN REPORT: Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices

Download Professor J Alex Halderman’s 96 Page Dominion Report: Security Analysis of Georgia’s ImageCast X Ballot Marking Devices


Hot on the Heels of the Halderman Report Release Mike Lindell Previews Election Crime Bureau Summit – Aug: 16-17, 2023

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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