UPDATE: RADICAL LEFTIST HEADS EXPLODE AS 81 MILLION VOTES MY ASS HITS #1 — 81 Million Votes My Ass! Featuring Kari Lake & The Truth Bombers Hits #1 on iTunes TOP TEN and #1 on Multiple Billboard Charts (MUSIC VIDEO)

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81 Million Votes My Ass! Hits #1 on Multiple Billboard charts

6/26/23 — While the illegitimate corrupt Biden regime continues to implode with an endless stream of treasonous bribery evidence exploding daily, Radical Leftist heads continue to explode as 81 Million Votes My Ass! climbs the Billboard charts. After hitting #1 on iTunes 10 Top Song chart, it has now hit #1 on multiple Billboard charts. It is becoming more and more obvious to everyone that Biden did not win the 2020 election, it was stolen on multiple fronts. The people are no longer buying the #MPM Mass Propaganda Media’s lies.

81 Million Votes My Ass! Hits #1 on iTunes TOP TEN

6/13/23 — Radical Leftist heads are exploding all over the nation as 81 Million Votes My Ass hits #1 on iTunes Top 10 Top Song chart. It just goes to show that millions of Americans know the truth that President Trump won the election on November 3rd, 2020. It was then stolen from President Trump starting in the we hours of the morning on November 4th as millions of additional fraudulent mail-in votes were trucked in from all over. Nobody really believes that Resident Biden got 81 million votes, which is more votes Obama even got. He campaigned from his basement and couldn’t even fill a dozen “circles” in his lonely little “rallies” while President Trump was barnstorming across the nation and packing rallies to capacity. There were spontaneous Trump car and boat parades from coast to coast.

81 Million Votes My Ass had previously hit #1 on the Top 10 Alternative Rock chart but today it hit #1 on the overall Top 10 Top Song chart. This is a similar trajectory that Natasha Owens’ Trump Won and You Know It! took to hit #1 on iTunes back in March.

Kari Lake’s New Song ’81 Million Votes, My Ass’ Rises In The Charts

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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