UPDATE: EARTHQUAKE IN WI — Rep Tim Ramthun’s Resolution to DECERTIFY Advanced to Rules Committee Beating AZ as First State to Move Forward on Recalling Electors from 2020 Stolen Election

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Wisconsin, 1/25/22 — In the above video Wisconsin Assembly Representative Tim Ramthun brings his Assembly Joint resolution to decertify the 2020 Wisconsin election and recall their 10 electors to the floor and it is advanced to the Rules Committee. This is just the first step in the process as the resolution will now move on to the rules committee for further action.

[NOTE: Corrected after some confusion because Ramthun’s bill was advanced to the Rules Committee while a different bill was being voted on.]

Read more about it the Gateway Pundit.

How it happened: Rep. Ramthun bravely called for a point of order today, during an open session. He did this by using Assembly Rule 43 and asking was his resolution privileged and able to be passed on to the Rules Committee through an open session? Yes, the resolution was privileged.

So now the resolution will land at the Rules Committee. It’s in the hands of Speaker Vos, a Republican. So Speaker Vos and the rest of the representatives have ten days to answer back on whether he’s going to push it to the floor for a vote. It is not clear what the Wisconsin Senate did with it yet.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

This move comes hot on the heels of the recent Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections hearing on WEC Database Analysis and Committee Motion to Support Special Counsel and WI Special Counsel Mike Gableman’s threat to jail two Democrat mayors until they testify about the stolen election.

The speaker of the assembly, Robin Vos, who apparently has a conflict of interest since he approved the use of the illegal ballot drop boxes in the first place, has resisted the efforts to decertify. So, we’ll see if enough political pressure can be brought to bear on Vos and WI state senators to push the bill through.

UPDATE: Bill NOT Dead in Rules Committee — WI Rep Ramthun’s Resolution is Packed with Facts Showing a Corrupted Election – Rules Suggest His Resolution May Not Be Dead in Committee

UPDATE: 1/26/22 — Via Gateway Pundit

Ramthun’s Resolution to reclaim Wisconsin’s electors is packed full of facts of election irregularities that have been exposed so far. Most people have not been aware of the mountain of potential election fraud evidence that has been uncovered over the past year due to the massive effort to suppress, block, ban and attack any investigation into the stolen 2020 election. So, this resolution may serve as a big fat Truth Pill, to get the facts into the legislative record, before the members of the legislature and before the voters at large, making it that much more difficult to simply ignore and quietly kill.

“Whereas, at its December 8, 2021, public hearing, the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections heard testimony from expert analyst Jeff O’Donnell, who found a multitude of irregularities when he analyzed data from the Wisconsin voter rolls, including that 93.7 percent of active voters participated in the 2020 general election, 205,355 voter registration applications were dated November 3, 2020, 957,977 individuals registered as new voters in 2020, 45,665 voters who registered did not have matching Division of Motor Vehicle records, 22 percent of active voters registered in the 6 months leading up to November, 3, 2020, 31,872 of those voters who registered in that 6-month period are now listed as inactive, and 42,000 voters who voted in the November 3, 2020, election are now listed as inactive.”

– Tim Ramthun Decertify Resolution via Gateway Pundit

Also, the Ramthun resolution was raised and deemed to be Privileged. It was then advanced to the WI Assembly Rules Committee last night. The Rules Committee Chairman, outgoing GOP RINO Jim Steineke has vowed to kill the bill in committee. However according to the rules, because this bill is Privileged, it enjoys special rules.

According to the rules for privileged resolutions, they may have inappropriately sent it to committee when they shut down Ramthun on the floor. So we’ll see what happens in the coming days.

(6) Once a question of privilege is before the assembly, it is subject to debate and to all proper motions. When the question of privilege has been disposed of, the business of the assembly is resumed at the point at which it was interrupted.

— Rule 61 section 6 pertaining to Privileged resolutions (via Gateway Pundit)

Download the full Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s electors from the 2020 election.


Rep Tim Ramthun on Irrefutable Evidence of Massive Election Fraud in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Legislature Has the Legal Obligation to Decertify the 2020 Election

WI Representative Tim Ramthun joins Brannon Howse on FrankSpeech to discuss all the latest WI Election Fraud evidence and his efforts to Decertify WI.

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Contact Your WI State Legislators to Support Decertification of the 2020 Election and Election Integrity Measures Going Forward

It is time to put on the pressure Patriots, peacefully of course! Contact your WI state legislators and urge them to support Rep. Ramthun’s resolution for decertification of the 2020 WI Election and to institute strong election integrity measures going forward.

Once the first state decertifies the apparently fraudulent election and blazes the path forward, others will follow suit. The decertification of the Arizona election is currently being held up by just one RINO state senator. If three states decertify, then Biden will OFFICIALLY be illegitimate, as he will have failed to get 270 legally certified electoral votes, and nothing else his regime proposes will have the support to pass. It will effectively shut down this rouge regime. REAL election reform would also sweep the country to secure our Republic going forward.

What happens beyond Decertification is uncertain because we are in uncharted waters with a likely illegitimate executive administration…

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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