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UPDATE 12/24/20 – In the above video/audio, attorney Matt DePerno discusses the latest findings as how the hand recounts mesh with the DOMINION forensic audit results. He exposes how the “officials” are spinning the results of the likely fraudulent hand recount to hide the truth. And in the below tweet/audio, Rudy Giuliani calls into a radio show and drops the bombshell that it looks like the DOMINION voting machines were programmed [or set] to give Biden a 2-5% advantage in the 2020 presidential election.

“We believe from what we saw in Michigan that the machines have an inaccurate vote—that they’re programmed to give Biden somewhere between a 2% and 5% advantage.”

– Rudy Giuliani calling into Bernie and Sid talk show

Mr. DePerno, who acted as an observer to the “risk-limited audit,” doesn’t agree with Ms. Benson about the integrity of Michigan’s election and has provided us with video and photographic evidence to prove that he was again able to debunk her statement about the “most secure election in our nation’s history.”

Gateway Pundit

The mainstream media refuses to tell this story.

— Matt DePerno mdeperno Sunday, December 20, 2020

UPDATE 12/20/20 – WOW! Look at the discrepancies between the original machine counts verses the hand recount in Antrim county. The machine count sure looks like it was using a fractional vote counting algorithm where it was siphoning votes from Trump to Biden in most of the precincts. This is unlikely caused by “Glitches,” as it was initially described, this appears to be election fraud.



UPDATE 12/15/20 – Now Nevada! Arizona files subpoenas for DOMINION Machines, Michigan files subpoenas for election laptops, hard drives and emails AND Sidney Powell (aka The KRAKEN ) is assembling a MASSIVE RICO CASE! Oh, and DOMINION uses SolarWinds, which just allowed the massive cyberhack of multiple government institutions, and they deleted the reference from their website…

Michigan legislature committees subpoena election evidence from Detroit and nearby suburb

Clark County, Nevada election officials also *HAPPENED* to report an error scanning “ABOUT 70% OF BALLOTS”.


BREAKING: Arizona Sen. Eddie Farnsworth says he plans to subpoena Dominion for their “machines, ballots, and software” following today’s legislative hearing on voter fraud

UPDATE 12/15/20 – Subpoenas issued for Arizona DOMINION voting machines in Maricopa county.

Subpoenas issued! Finally we will gain visibility into what happened in the Maricopa County election, which affects the entire state because of population concentration.”

Representative Mark Finchem, 54th Legislature, House of Representatives.

Sidney Powell Reveals She’s Been Building a Massive RICO Case Against Dominion, Smartmatic


“SolarWinds hides list of high-profile customers after *DEVASTATING HACK.*” Guess who else contracted with SolarWinds? Dominion. This is the *outstanding* election security the American people got in the 2020 Election.

– Kyle Becker

UPDATE 12/14/20 – Now that the Michigan forensic examination hit pay dirt other state legislatures have found the courage to order similar forensic audits of their DOMINION voting machines.

Arizona steps up next!

Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman E. Farnsworth just announced in committee the authorization for a full forensic audit on Dominion machines and software.

– Leo Biasiucci

This morning the gag order on the DOMINION forensic analysis was lifted in Michigan.

HERE’S what they found when they performed a forensic examination of 16 DOMINION voting machines!

WOW. This report shows massive fraud. Election changing result!

– President Donald J. Trump

Here is the forensic audit report of the Dominion Voting machines in Michigan. In one county where 33% of the vote was switched electronically from @realDonaldTrump to @JoeBiden.


BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems forensic report:

“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud. Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.

The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.

The results of the Antrim County 2020 election are not certifiable. This is a result of machine and/or software error, not human error.

The tabulation log for the forensic examination of the server for Antrim County from December 6, 2020 consists of 15,676 individual events, of which 10,667 or 68.05% of the events were recorded errors. These errors resulted in overall tabulation errors or ballots being sent to adjudication. This high error rates proves the Dominion Voting System is flawed and does not meet state or federal election laws.

These errors occurred after The Antrim County Clerk provided a re-provisioned CF card with uploaded software for the Central Lake Precinct on November 6, 2020. This means the statement by Secretary Benson was false. The Dominion Voting System produced systemic errors and high error rates both prior to the update and after the update; meaning the update (or lack of update) is not the cause of errors.

In Central Lake Township there were 1,222 ballots reversed out of 1,491 total ballots cast, resulting in an 81.96% rejection rate. All reversed ballots are sent to adjudication for a decision by election personnel.

It is critical to understand that the Dominion system classifies ballots into two categories, 1) normal ballots and 2) adjudicated ballots. Ballots sent to adjudication can be altered by administrators, and adjudication files can be moved between different Results Tally and Reporting (RTR) terminals with no audit trail of which administrator actually adjudicates (i.e. votes) the ballot batch. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity because it provides no meaningful observation of the adjudication processor audit trail of which administrator actually adjudicated the ballots.

UPDATE 12/13/20 – Sidney Powell Tweeted a reply to a question about why the Secretary of State of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson, was gagging the forensic analysis of the 22 DOMINION voting machines in Michigan. A hearing is expected Monday on an emergency motion to unseal the results. Stay tuned!

Yes. We can explain it. She knows it will show election fraud on a massive and terrifying scale.


UPDATE 12/11/20 – Sidney Powell Tweeted Kevin McCullough’s video about contacting the Michigan Attorney General to urge her to release the results of the DOMINION forensic audit.


We can not let the corrupt leftists steal America. The future of America depends on it.
#TrumpWon! #BidenCheated! #FightOn!

UPDATE 12/10/20 – On Sunday a seven man forensic IT team from Allied Security Operations Group spent 8 hours gathering digital forensic evidence from the 22 DOMINION voting machines to preform a forensic audit. They collected 16 Compact Flash cards, 16 USB drives, and digital images of the Dominion voting machines hard drives. They had expected to release the initial results of their forensic examination on Monday. As of Thursday we hadn’t heard anything so I began to wonder what had happened. The Michigan Attorney General intervened in the lawsuit and apparently had a gag order put on the results of the forensic audit by the judge in the case. The forensic audit was expected to determine if the machines were attached to the Internet, where data was going, the number of ballots vs. votes and the algorithms used.

The judge had said he intends to move the case forward quickly and the lawyer for the plaintiff said they will seek to remove the protective order. So hopefully the results will come out soon.



My number one mission was to get access to those servers in Antrim County. I’ve been working with a group of patriots to do just that. Today we were supposed to get the results of that forensic analysis that was done by an outside group. Unfortunately, Judge Kevin Elsenheimer actually ruled in favor of an order that was requested by the Attorney General of Michigan to prohibit the disclosure of those forensic audit results. So he we have yet another example of cardboard up on the window like we saw in Detroit. All these people that are saying that there is no evidence of election fraud are deliberately going out of their way, filing court orders to prevent the dissemination of evidence of election fraud. It’s outrageous.

Patrick Colbeck – Election Challenger, on Lou Dobbs

Northern Michigan judge gives Benson OK to intervene in Antrim County election case

Dominion Software Critical Insider Threat to Elections

Shared from Beth LeBlanc, The Detroit News

Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ruled Thursday that Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office could intervene on behalf of Benson, who had argued she had supervisory control over the Antrim County clerk, had an interest in any audit discussions the case may raise and was party to the county’s contract with Dominion Voting Systems. 

The Secretary of State’s office is concerned particularly with forensic imaging performed on Antrim County’s 22 Dominion tabulators earlier this week by a Village of Central Lake resident and Allied Security Operations Group, said Assistant Attorney General Heather Meingast. 

“We’d like to know more about what was obtained, what the intent is for the use of the images obtained,” Meingast said, noting the disclosure of some elements of the tabulators could compromise their security in future elections. 

DePerno said the investigation is ongoing and data are being reviewed. But based on what had been reviewed so far, Bailey would move to decertify the Antrim County certification and push the issue to the GOP-led Legislature, he said.  

“We think there are serious issues, and we’re preparing right now a motion to seek relief from the court from the protective order,” DePerno said. 

Read the full article by Beth LeBlanc, The Detroit News

Michigan Attorney gives a behind the scenes update on the forensic examination of the 22 Dominion voting machines. They now have the goods!

UPDATE 12/7/20

On Sunday morning, the seven person IT forensic team arrived, Mr. Bailey, and his attorney Matt DePerno were given access to the county building and started gathering the forensic evidence…

After 8 hours, the collection was complete. With 16 CF cards (similar to SIM cards), 16 thumb drives, and forensic images of the Dominion voting machines in hand, the IT team was escorted to the local Antrim County Airport by two Antrim County Sheriff vehicles, where they boarded their jet plane with evidence in hand…

Mr. DePerno expects to have the results of the study sometime tomorrow. He explained the forensic images of the thumb drives and the master computer will tell if machines were connected to the internet—and if they were, who were they communicating with? DePerno said the examination would be able to determine the algorithms used by the computer and will provide the number of ballots read through the machine compared to the actual number of paper ballots.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

Coffee County GA Election Board Shows How DOMINION Voting Machines May be Used to Switch Votes

Georgia SOS Investigates Coffee County’s Handling of Presidential Recount

Rather than investigating the DOMINION voting machines that Coffee Counted exposed, the SOS is instead investigating the Coffee County election officials who exposed the flaws in the machines.

Shared from David Wickert, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

All counties were to finish the third tally of votes in the presidential election by midnight Dec. 2. But Coffee County was still trying to resolve a discrepancy of 50 votes the following day, the secretary of state said in announcing the investigation late Wednesday.

By Dec. 4 Coffee was the only county that had not completed the recount. The county notified the secretary of state that it would not certify the results.

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, Coffee County blamed the state’s Dominion Voting System for its vote discrepancy, but the county elections director could not specify what problems were encountered.

“The Secretary of State’s Office will investigate Coffee County for their recount procedures and ascertain if the case needs to be brought to the State Election Board for review and potential action,” the agency said.


UPDATE 12/6/20 – Can’t wait to see what the 22 DOMINION machines in Michigan show because the KRAKEN has NOW BROKEN the RIGGED DOMINION algorithm in Georgia!

Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

— TeamSidney TeamSidney Sunday, December 6, 2020

UPDATE MICHIGAN 12/04/20 – Rudy Giuliani’s Trump Legal team scored a BIG WIN today when a Michigan judge ordered the forensic examination of 22 DOMINION voting machines in Antrim County MI, where 6,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden. Forensic audits have now been ordered in GA, MI & AZ. And election officials are in full PANIC MODE!


Election Officials in Georgia are Now in PANIC!


Michigan Board of Elections also in PANIC Orders County Clerks to Delete Vote Data

On December 1, the BOE, which is under the auspices of Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D), sent a memo to all clerks about recounts and the “release of voting equipment.”

The EPB software and associated files must be deleted from all devices by the seventh calendar day following the final canvass and certification of the election (November 30, 2020) unless a petition for recount has been filed and the recount has not been completed, a post-election audit is planned but has not yet been completed, or the deletion of the data has been stayed by an order of the court or the Secretary of State.

That raised the ire of state Rep. Matt Hall (R) and state Sen. Ed McBroom (R), chairmen of their respective oversight committees, who indicated the memo violated an order by House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R) and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R) for election data to be preserved.

– Shared from Kyle Olson, Breitbart


What could possibly have caused Trump to lose 6,659 votes in two minutes? Glitch You Say? How many glitches are we going to see that results in President Trump losing votes? This is not a coincidence.. this is the biggest theft in american politics. They will NOT get away with it. GA, WI, PA, MI, IA Governors are under huge pressure to do further investigations because people are starting to see clear evidence. Make this go viral.

— Sidney Powell TeamPowell Wednesday, December 2, 2020

UPDATE: One America News Network OANN has published an investigative report about the Dominion voting systems.

It is beginning to look like the software systems and machines used to manage the votes in key swing states may have been used to allegedly switch votes from Trump to Biden as a potential strategy to steal this election. As independent reporters begin to dig into the background and use of these software systems and voting machines many red flags are beginning to surface.

BREAKING: System ‘Glitch’ Also Uncovered In Wisconsin – Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden

Shared from Gateway Pundit

We’ve reported on numerous events identified in the 2020 election already which are being referred to as ‘glitches’ by the Democrats.  Tonight we just uncovered another ‘glitch’ in Wisconsin. 

When this one is confirmed it will result in a 19,500 vote gain for Trump making the Wisconsin race a total toss-up.

There is now a pattern of events we have uncovered across the country where votes are being taken from Republicans at all levels and transferred to competing Democrats in offsetting amounts.  These are not random because in every case votes are moved from Republicans to Democrats.

This is beginning to appear like a strategy used by the Democrats to steal this election.

– Shared from Gateway Pundit

Developing: Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

The great Sidney Powell was on Mornings with Maria and she unloaded on the monstrous amount of Democrat voter fraud in the 2020 election. But during this discussion Maria Bartiromo dropped a bomb as well.

During her discussion with Sidney Powell, Maria Bartiromo shared the following about the firm that runs the application used in Michigan where thousands of Trump votes were switched to Joe Biden.

Maria Bartiromo: I’ve also seen reports that Nancy Pelosi’s longtime Chief of Staff is a key executive of that company. Richard Bloom, Senator Feinstein’s husband is a significant shareholder of this company.

– by Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit


“Republicans are probing more Michigan counties and suggesting investigations in Nevada and Arizona to determine whether further Dominion Voting Systems technology errors caused votes to be counted incorrectly.”

Tony Zammit, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party, told the Washington Examiner on Saturday that the GOP is working across the Wolverine State to find out if other counties experienced similar issues to Antrim County.

“Our team is currently reaching out to county clerks across Michigan as well as going through election results in each of the counties which use this software to see how widespread this error may be,” Zammit said.

A failure to update software caused a glitch in one Michigan county, resulting in 6,000 votes erroneously being tabulated for Joe Biden rather than President Trump.

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox claimed during a Friday news conference that 47 of Michigan’s 83 counties “used this same software in the same capacity” as in Antrim County, where the temporary issue occurred. During the briefing, Cox also called upon counties that use the Dominion Voting Systems software “to closely examine their result for similar discrepancies.”

The voting systems provider has contracts in all of the key swing states in which Trump’s campaign team is mounting legal challenges, and Republicans in two of those Southwestern states, Arizona and Nevada, also have their eye on the system.

– Zachary Halaschak, & Emily Larsen, Washington Examiner

FBI Warned in 2017-2018 About Dominion Voting Systems

In 2017-2018 Cybersecurity expert Nate Cain became an FBI Whistleblower. He blew the whistle on the Dominion Voting Systems that have allegedly changed thousands of votes from Trump to Biden in the 2020 presidential election fiasco.

I blew the whistle to the DOJ IG Horowitz, HPSCI, and SSCI in 2017-2018 on multiple issues, one of which was the FBI’s threat assessment on electronic voting machines, which I felt they had got wrong, missing a critical insider threat to the elections by the mass integration of tabulation software made by Dominion Voting Systems nationwide, centralizing the tabulation for votes at the state level for multiple states. Incidentally, the company’s owner was the former chairman of the George Soros Foundation.

Nate Cain, Cybersecurity Expert

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