San Francisco Giants Hire Kaepernick As Head Kneeling Coach – Babylonbee

San Francisco Giants Hire Kaepernick As Head Kneeling Coach – Babylonbee

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Looks like Colin Kaepernick has finally succeeded in landing his NFL dream position! LOL! 😉

After a rocky kneeling performance during their exhibition game today, the San Francisco Giants hired NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick as the franchise’s head kneeling coach.

Kaepernick will teach players proper kneeling techniques and the best ways to protest America during the national anthem.

“Kaepernick brings a lot of experience in kneeling during the national anthem to the game, and he’ll be able to show all players the proper technique to protest America,” said manager Gabe Kapler. “He’ll make a fine addition to this franchise.”

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The Star Spangled Banner – Fireworks over the Iwo Jima memorial

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