DANGEROUS AND INEFFECTIVE — Senator Ron Johnson’s Third Panel of Medical Experts Reveals the Truth About COVID Vaccines: What they Are, How they Work & How they Harm

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12/7/22 — In the above MUST WATCH RIVETING video Senator Ron Johnson holds a third panel of medical experts to discuss the COVID Vaccines, what they are, how they work, and how they harm. This comes after Senator Ron Johnson’s second panel of medical experts ABSOLUTELY NUKED the genocidal COVID propaganda bubble. If you want to understand what’s going on in this Alice in Wonderland response to the COVID pandemic, you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO. Then be sure to watch Senator Ron Johnson’s first COVID medical panel as well.

“It’s my testimony today that this vaccine program would have been stopped February 1st of 2021 because of excess mortality, and as a result thousands of Americans have died needlessly because of recklessness on the part of our federal agencies.”

I think it has to be said, that the pathway to prevent any more harm is that all the [COVID] vaccines need to be pulled off the market, withdrawn. That needs to happen immediately. All the vaccine mandates should be dropped immediately. We need request for applications and immediate funding for vaccine injury centers of excellence across the United States for screening, detection, diagnosis, prognosis and management. We need a massive shift in our health care system towards managing, now this large number of vaccine injured people. What’s at stake here is death. And the deaths that were reported by Mr. Dowd and others, the deaths, on a more probable than not basis, that are occurring in someone who has taken the vaccine are due to the vaccine and the autopsy studies show it. It’s alarming. To save American lives now these vaccines need to be pulled off the market.

Dr. Peter McCullough, World Renowned Cardiologist

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