#SHARPIEGATE — Jovan Pulitzer Details 300K Most Egregious 14th Amendment Violations in History in NEW PKAD HEMO Report From Maricopa County AZ Forensic Audit

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In the above 1/2 hour video, Jovan Pulitzer discusses the results of his PKAD HEMO Report: Forced Adjudication Analysis, from the Maricopa County Arizona Forensic Audit provided to the AZ attorney general. He explains how an intentional series of election violations was used to force ballots to adjudication in what became known as #Sharpiegate.

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“What I’m going to talk about in this one is one of the most significant and egregious violations of the 14th amendment that has ever been discovered inside an election.

“This is one of our key reports. This is our PKAD HEMO Report: Forced Adjudication Analysis. Forced is the key word here. This refers to what you heard about Sharpie gate.

We used this bleeding hand because this is what it’s about, it’s bleeding ballots. And in order to have bleeding ballots phenomenon occur, you had to have people physically go along with things that were noncompliant, and it is in the noncompliant actions, not following state, local, federal laws, rules, regulations, both regarding the manufacturers of the equipment and how the elections were run. This is a blood on your hands type thing when this happened because it takes people to do it.

In Maricopa County over, in this category alone, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND 14th Amendment violations occurred. It is the most egregious violations that we’ve caught in history, because this is the only one we’ve done like this, and my company is the only one that does it, EVER!”

“Now, I want to point out some very important issues. When people vote, many people that are liberal [leftist] will vote mail-in ballots. People that tend to be conservative, refuse to vote by mail-in ballots, and they walk in and vote. They do that in an effort to protect their vote. Very key. They do that to protect their vote. However, I want to show you that ever since before the election this was designed to subvert people’s votes and specifically violate, in an egregious manner, the 14th amendment. And that’s just the baseline.

“Starting tomorrow, 10/23, and through 11/2, we are asking that Clerks hand voters BALLPOINT PENS rather than Sharpies.’ Number one. They acknowledged they hand you the writing device. From 10/23 to 11/2, they hand out a ballpoint pen, specifically. Now remember, when it comes to mail-in ballots, the lie that they don’t know what’s going on, is in fact a lie. They scan these things weeks before election day. They know exactly where the numbers come down. Different report when you see how the mail-in ballots were handled. They really didn’t have to worry about those. So, they didn’t give a rat’s hoo hoo. However, they went on to say ‘we are asking that Clerks hand voters BALLPOINT PENS rather than markers.’ That’s 10/23 to 11/2. Now, ready for this? ‘We NEED,’ now see how need is stressed? ‘We NEED to use Markers on Election Day.’ It’s the same machines. The same tallying is going to go on. They’re all gonna scan them in. They claim it’s so they don’t get gooey and ooey. But they’ll gladly do it in the mail-in votes, but, ‘we NEED,’ adamant, force, BOOM! ‘Markers on Election Day.’ Again, this is why there are so many affidavits that people’s 14th Amendments were violated, because the people at the precincts forced them when they walked in to vote to use a Sharpie when the public knew NOT to use a Sharpie. They were FORCED to use Sharpies. In fact, the State when as far as only sending Sharpies to the voting precincts. That’s it, not ballpoint pens, nothing. You had no other choice. That is another, egregious, 14th Amendment violation.

– Jovan Hutton Pulitzer

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Goes Live on Rumble for Audit All 50 States

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