UPDATE: Sidney Powell Rides the KRAKEN Right Down the Fake News Media’s Throat

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UPDATE: The KRAKEN is unleashed and now in control…

The KRAKEN ranges far, wide and deep…

The KRAKEN goes for the throat and all the way TO THE TOP!

Sidney Powell Is an American Legal Giant

Now Powell has taken on the greatest legal challenge of her career and, if she’s correct, the greatest crime in American history: the complete subversion of the American electoral process. The press conference she recently conducted with Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and others on President Trump’s legal team laid out a shocking level of fraud that they allege occurred in the presidential election this month. In subsequent interviews, like this one on Larry O’Connor’s radio show, Powell expanded on the implications of the design features in the vote tabulation hardware and software being used to count, and rig, elections around the world, including here in the United States. They are enormous and mind-boggling. Every American should learn of them and be equal measures frightened and angry. https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

As Powell told O’Connor, she is risking her hard-won reputation and potentially much more if the allegations she is making are not well-founded, because companies she is accusing of knowingly engaging in this massive fraud, like Dominion Voting Systems, could sue her for defamation. She notes that she would welcome such litigation, because it would open these companies up to the discovery process and expose much more of what she alleges are their corrupt operations. 

– Read the full article at William Marshall, Townhall

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump’s re-election campaign hosted a press conference for Trump’s legal team to discuss the rampant fraud that is alleged in the 2020 presidential election. As seen in the video above (by Right Side Broadcasting), the most explosive allegations presented in the press conference were those by Sidney Powell. While the Fake News media of the Democrat-Media Complex (DMC) repeatedly claim there is no evidence of fraud, Sidney outlined what has become known as the “Kraken.” The Kraken refers to the mountain of evidence she has compiled to expose and reverse the attempted theft of the 2020 presidential election through the use of the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software. Those machines and software were allegedly designed to rig elections in third-world socialist and communist countries including Venezuela and Cuba. The hashtag #ReleaseTheKraken started trending online after Sidney had previously commented to Lou Dobbs that she was going to “release the kraken,” referring to the overwhelming evidence of digital election fraud. Well in today’s press conference Sidney Powell mounted that kraken and rode it right down the Fake News media’s throat!

Sidney says based on her statistical research and investigation Trump won this election in a LANDSLIDE and she intends to prove it. The Trump legal team is taking a two-track approach to prove this. Sidney is attacking the digital election manipulation of votes while Rudy Giuliani is attacking the old-school organized election and voter fraud on the ground.

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Rudy Giuliani Outlines the Coordinated Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election Across Multiple States

Former Mayor of NY Rudy Giuliani led the federal prosecution of the Five Families New York City mafia bosses while serving as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. So if there is one thing Giuliani knows how to do well, it is taking down complex criminal organizations and that is exactly what he intends to do now. Rudy outlines what appears to be an organized effort across multiple states to attempt the biggest election heist in US history. He intends to expose and prosecute the case.

Jenna Ellis Dresses Down the Fake News Media for their Duplicitous Reporting of 2020 Election Fraud

The Fake News media of the Democrat Media Complex (DMC) along with their big tech social media gatekeepers have consistently attempted to hide and suppress the rampant reports of voter or election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. They have repeatedly claimed that the Trump legal team has NO evidence of fraud in the election. Then when reports of fraud became undeniable, they claimed that there was not ENOUGH fraud to overturn the election. Trump’s Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis laid the Fake News media’s duplicitous reporting bare and challenged them to put their biases aside and report on the facts that this 2020 election was indeed rife with alleged fraud and most likely stolen.

Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Will Sue Officials “To Invalidate” Election Results… And An Inside Look Into Smartmatic

Shared from ZeroHedge

Shortly before the Associated Press announced late on Thursday that Joe Biden had won the state of Georgia after its secretary of state said that Biden had remained ahead after a hand recount of the state’s 5 million presidential votes making him the first Democratic presidential candidate in 28 years to win the state pending any potential litigation by Trump, the president’s attorney Sidney Powell warned that a “flurry of lawsuits” await election officials who certify the results of the election which she believes are fraudulent.

The former federal prosecutor, who is also Michael Flynn’s lead attorney in a case about lying to the FBI, told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Thursday that the Trump camp will press forward with legal action, targeting election officials as they certify the 2020 results in several key battleground states that have been called for President-elect Joe Biden. One of them would be Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, who must certify the results by Friday.

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“American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government,” she said. “We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.”

Powell alleged a transnational conspiracy involving the “influence of communist money” from countries including Cuba, Venezuela, and “likely China” to overturn the presidential race via election software.

Powell also said that the legal team has testimony from an insider who unearthed provable fraud regarding voting machines and software used in multiple states. The person said they worked with the Venezuelan military, outlining a conspiracy between Smartmatic executives, former socialist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and election officials in the country years ago.

The whistleblower said the “software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the Smartmatic Electoral Management System.”

“In short, the Smartmatic software is in the DNA of every vote-tabulating company’s software and system,” the whistleblower said.

Powell alleged that Smartmatic, Dominion, and others used technology on Election Day that was developed under Chavez’s regime years ago to “make sure he never lost an election.”

– Shared from ZeroHedge

Until we get to the startling conclusion:

Smartmatic is a riddle.  The company came out of nowhere to snatch a multli-million dollar contract in an electoral process that ultimately reaffirmed Chavez’ mandate and all-but destroyed his political opposition.  The perspective we have here, after several discussions with Smartmatic, is that the company is de facto Venezuelan and operated by Venezuelans.  The identity of Smartmatic’s true owners remains a mystery.  Our best guess is that there are probably several well-known Venezuelan businessmen backing the company who prefer anonymity either because of their political affiliation or, perhaps, because they manage the interests of senior Venezuelan government officials.

This is all from a confidential State Dept cable written in 2006.

Since then one can only imagine what fascinating changes have taken place to the org chart of the mysterious “riddle” that is the “de facto Venezuelan” Smartmatic, which emerged out of obscurity to win a top government contract in 2003, prompting the US State Department to ask “how a virtually unknown company with no electoral experience could have landed such a large contract.” What is more fascinating is how for so many years, this mysterious company was directly involved in one allegation of election fraud in Venezuela after another (whereby communist dictators Chavez and Maduro won in consecutive “landslides”) before it somehow made its way into the US.

– Shared from ZeroHedge

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