Smoking Gun Jeffrey Clark Letter Shows DOJ Leadership Squashed Efforts to Rectify #TheBigSteal

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An explosive letter by Jeffrey Clark, with associated emails by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, were recently published by ABC News. The import of this letter and these emails is obvious. So of course, ABC News, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and all the other usual suspects in the Fake News Mass Propaganda Media immediately jumped on the bandwagon reporting on the letter and emails while desperately trying to spin them as if they showed Trump attempting to overturn a clean election. These are the same Mass Propaganda Media that perpetuated the fake #Russiagate hoax for four years, and then when that fell apart, they perpetuated the fake #Ukrainegate impeachment hoax, which also fell apart. Now they are using this letter and emails to attempt to support their latest #Insurrectiongate hoax.

In the above video Steve Bannon and Boris Epshteyn discuss the importance of this letter and emails on Bannon’s War Room Ep. 1,148. In a crystal clear case of projection, as is the left’s perpetual play book, Chris Hayes tries to make the case that this letter and emails show Trump trying to effect a coup against Biden and subvert democracy. Of course the reality is the exact opposite. Clark was trying to investigate the rampant reported election fraud and give the state legislatures, as outlined in the Constitution, the opportunity to review and correct the very likely fraudulently certified electors, thereby SAVING “democracy” (Constitutional Republic actually) and RESTORING the will of the people, which the leftists have likely subverted.

Unfortunately for them, this letter and emails actually show that some within the DOJ were indeed interested in investigating widespread election fraud based on overwhelming evidence from sworn witness testimony across the battleground states and in particular Georgia. They clearly laid out the Constitutional authority of the state legislatures’ plenary power to determine how their electors are selected and certified. They make the case that if the state legislatures determined their electors were fraudulently certified it is well within their authority to rescind that fraudulent certification and appoint alternate electors or throw the election to the House of Representatives to sort out. This letter and emails clearly show that it was the acting DOJ leadership that squashed the efforts to investigate the election fraud and allow the state legislatures to confirm or rescind their certifications as they deemed appropriate.

Contrary to what Pence and others have claimed, he was not being asked to select Trump as the winner on January 6th. He was simply being asked by numerous state legislatures and numerous objecting US Representatives and Senators to delay the final count of the electors to allow those state legislatures more time to reexamine their certifications in order to verify that they were properly certified, as they were requesting themselves. The likely staged #Insurrectiongate of Jan. 6th was then used to shut down the planned objections to the counting of the electors and the planned presentation of election fraud evidence in the House and Senate. The democrat party along with their Mass Propaganda Media and Big Brother Tech Socialist Media then used that #Insurrectiongate hoax to immediately suppress, censor, block, ban and delete any further discussion or presentation of election fraud evidence under the guise that it was “inciting insurrection.”

The spinning of this explosive Jeffrey Clark letter and DOJ emails is simply the Mass Propaganda Media’s latest desperate attempt to continue to cover up the likely stolen election and cement what looks like the actual Biden coup against Trump which has so far succeeded. The leftists can repeat #TheBigLie that Biden won and that there was no election fraud over and over. But now with the results of the forensic audit in Maricopa County Arizona about to explode on the public scene and additional forensic audits being launched in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other states, the truth about the likely stolen election are about to finally be exposed once and for all.

Read Smoking Gun Jeffrey Clark Letter and DOJ Emails Published by ABC News on Scribd

DOJ_docs by ABC News Politics

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