#DEEPSTATE #DARKSTAR — STASI FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago May Have Been to Cover-up Trump’s Neustar Evidence Mentioned 79 Times in 108 Page Clinton RICO Lawsuit

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In the above video, Pete Santelli connects the dots between the STASI FBI Raid, the Trump vs. Clinton RICO lawsuit, Dennis Montgomery’s Deep State spying and election interference PCAPS evidence that Mike Lindell is fighting to release and John Durham’s continuing investigation. Pete believes the common denominator is a private intelligence contracting company named Neustar, which is mentioned 79 times in Trump’s 108 Page Clinton RICO lawsuit. Pete goes on to relate that the RICO case may have really been intended to pull the Neustar evidence into the court records under the shield of attorney client privilege. The RICO case had strangely been filed without any of the supporting attachments. Those missing attachments may have been what the FBI was really attempting to retrieve in their STASI Raid on Mar-a-Lago so they could allegedly bury the evidence.

We should find out soon enough as the panicked Deep State goes off the deep end in full Gestapo fashion running roughshod all over MAGA Nation and The Constitution.

A Different Take on the Dismissal of the Trump v Clinton Lawsuit

“Pay attention to the framework underpinning Middlebooks’ opinion.  I have been reluctant to write about the decision to dismiss the lawsuit of President Trump against a multitude of conspirators, including Hillary Clinton, for two reasons.

First, because when I originally read the 108-page lawsuit filed in March, it took me a few moments, and then I realized this was not a lawsuit; this was a legal transfer mechanism created by lawyers to establish a proprietary information silo.  Second, because I do not want another ridiculous subpoena from DC simply because they can’t fathom how any outside entity could solve a puzzle without insider assistance.  As to the former, I have prayed on it and come to the opinion it’s worth sharing. As to the latter, it’s just another waste of taxpayer funds, but whatever – the truth has no agenda.

So, here’s a totally different take on the issues surrounding the Trump -v- Clinton lawsuit, which -from the outset- I always believed was going to be dismissed because suing all of those characters under the auspices of a civil RICO case was never the objective.  However, in the aftermath, the silo created by the lawsuit is also grounded upon attorney-client privilege, a legal countermeasure to a predictable DOJ-NSD lawfare maneuver, which unfolded in the Mar-a-Lago raid and ongoing issues.”

Sundance, ConservativeTreehouse.com

Trump vs. Clinton RICO Lawsuit Evidence Silo

Dowload the 108 page Trump vs. Clinton RICO Lawsuit.


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