Steve Bannon WarRoom Discusses Trump 2020 Legal Status with Boris Epshteyn & Matt Braynard

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In the above video Steven Bannon interviews Trump 2020 advisory board Boris Epshteyn. They review the Trump legal team’s recent election fraud press conference and update us on the campaign’s legal strategy and status in WarRoom Ep522. Boris starts off with a good laugh by telling everyone:

Never, never make fun of Rudy Giuliani’s “War Paint.”

Here are a few key highlights from the interview.

  • They are going for a real recount in Georgia after the sham recount
  • Even if Georgia certifies there is a period where they can contest it for a real recount and any discrepancies will require a re-certification
  • In Pennsylvania they are expanding their argument with amended legal filings for due process and equal protection violations
  • Michigan’s Wayne County wasn’t certified and now heads to the state board where there’s a 2/2 split.
  • They’re contesting in Nevada
  • They’re auditing in Wisconsin where they expect to uncover over 100K illegal mail-in ballots
  • They’re looking at a lot of options in Arizona
  • They’re even looking into issues in New Mexico where over 180K ballots were processed without allowing observers
  • Sidney Powell’s investigation into alleged digital election fraud with Dominion voting systems and Smartmatic software is a separate track that is in addition to the on-the-ground fraud being investigated
  • They know 6K votes were switched in Michigan using Dominion
  • They’re investigating Dominion and Smartmatic’s creation and use in stolen elections worldwide and their impact in this election
  • Dominion completely canceled their scheduled hearing with legislators in Pennsylvania citing legal issues
  • When all legal votes are counted they fully expect President Trump to be re-elected for four more years

Trump 2016 Election Data Analyst Crowd Funded an Investigation into the 2020 Voter Fraud Allegations

Steve Bannon interviews Matt Braynard, the brain behind the Trump 2016 election data operation in WarRoom Ep 523. Matt recently crowd funded an effort to launch an on-the-ground investigation to gather hard concrete evidence of voter fraud across six states. They spent about $600K on data and staff call centers to directly contact voters across six states to confirm alleged voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. They called voters who disagree with the state records of votes who had their votes stolen and more. For instance people who did not vote, but the state has it recorded that they did. They’ve compiled scores of phone recordings, declarations and affidavits of potential voter fraud.

FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops

Tim Pool discusses some of the latest election and voter fraud allegations, evidence and how the Fake News media is IGNORING IT ALL just hoping it all goes away.

The STARS ARE ALIGNING with this Judicial Realignment!

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