UPDATE: Tara Reade Cuomo’s Resignation “a good first step.” “Now, let’s do Biden.”

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“I think that [Cuomo’s] resignation is a good first step towards justice for his survivors. Now I hope that it is followed up with consequences for the people who colluded to cover it up and for organizations like Time’s Up that participated in trying to go even further and discredit survivors and I hope that the criminal investigation goes forward. Now, let’s do Biden.”

Tara Reade in The Real News

Now that the left are attacking their own and taking down Cuomo many have started to ask; What about the serious sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden by Tara Reade? Don’t they count? Jen Psaki was recently asked about the allegations and she said that they were “heavily litigated during the campaign.” That’s apparently news to Tara Reade herself whose allegations were heavily suppressed during the campaign and she was viciously attacked.

“In a follow-up to the report on Governor Cuomo sexual harassment, a lot of men in politics have been accused of sexual harassment. President Biden was accused by female Secret Service agents of skinny dipping in front of them, offending them, according to former ‘Washington Post’ reporter Ronald Kessler, who’s an author as well. His former Senate aide Tara Reade accused him of of sexual assault. ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘The New York Times’ published multiple accounts of women who objected to the way President Biden touched them. Should there be an independent investigation of allegations into the President as there was into Governor Cuomo?

– Steven Nelson, NY Post

“Not litigated at all.”

– Tara Reade, 8/4/21

“Ask Psaki: Did I miss the investigation and litigation? I sure did not miss the smears and attacks on my character during Joe Biden’s campaign as I came forward. Was it safe to come forward? I think not.”

– Tara Reade 8/4/21

Tara Reade “Screams of Hypocrisy” There Should be a Reckoning for BOTH Cuomo and Biden

Ryan Grahm

Tara Reade Discusses Her Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden and How She was Attacked

Language Warning!

Where Have all the Pink Hats Gone? Tara Reade’s Serious Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden in Horrific Detail

Tara Reade Joe Biden Where have all the pink hats gone?

In our previous post, Where Have all the Pink Hats Gone?, we included multiple reports and video interviews of Tara Reade’s serious sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

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