The America Project including Patrick Byrne, Jovan Pulitzer, Seth Keshel & Col. Waldron Reveal Deep Impact of the AZ Audit Results Exposing the Top 12 Lies & Truths

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In the above America Project video, Patrick Byrne, Jovan Pulitzer, Seth Keshel & Colonel Phil Waldron go over the constant obstruction, destruction of evidence and call for RICO indictments. Jovan Pulitzer also reveals some of the ballot paper findings that he’s made as part of his massive still-pending reports. In the below video they expose 12 lies and truths that are being told about the Maricopa County AZ Audit Report results in the aftermath.

They call that Arizona must now do two things. They must #Indict the perpetrators and they must #Decertify the AZ election.

Follow the results of all the election audits on our #Fix2020 Interactive Dashboard as the truth about the election is revealed. #TrumpWON.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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2 Responses

  • In the recent video with Patrick Byrne, Jovan Pulitzer and Michael Flynn, Mr. Byrne indicated that only three of fourteen projects Mr. Pulitzer had completed were included in the AZ audit report. And on a scale of critical proof, the three included in the report were on the low end of the scale. The other eleven projects confirm even more damning evidence of fraud, negligence, incompetence, etc.

    If this be the case, why would the AZ audit not choose to include the more conclusive evidence from these other eleven projects?

    The goal must be to engender citizen support in AZ for the decertification of the election and the prosecution of bad actors.

    What has been presented appears to be a game within a bigger game. Why else would they knowingly choose to ignore the evidence that, if presented to the public, would equate to a slam dunk that even the MSM could not spin in their favor.

    • Yes, The auditors were even forced to water down their report before it was presented. This apparently came from the lawyers who said the State Senate would lose indemnification… The initial first volume was included in the following post for reference. Things have been suppressed, so there is much more truth to come out. They can try, but they can’t hold back the overwhelming truth that the election was stolen. It’s coming out and when it does #TheBigDamnLie will collapse.

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