UPDATE: THE BIG STEAL Peter Navarro Compiles Mountain of Election Fraud Evidence in The Immaculate Deception

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UPDATE 12/24/20 – Here’s a good write up that goes through the Navarro report in detail followed by an audio book version.

UPDATE 12/23/20 – Peter Navarro released a new version of The Immaculate Deception updated to include the latest Michigan data. It shows the levels of alleged fraud dwarfs the margins of Biden’s alleged “win” in six key battleground states. The legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin should decertify their allegedly fraudulent electoral votes and certify the Trump electoral votes that they cast instead.

UPDATE 12/22/20 – Peter Navarro has released an addendum including recently updated data for Michigan.


UPDATE 12/21/20 – Peter Navarro just updated The Immaculate Deception with the “Michigan Update.”

UPDATE 12/19/20 – WATCH: Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing on OAN with Christina Bobb, and another report on OAN discussing just some of the election fraud that is outlined in Peter Navarro’s report. And Jesse Waters interviews Peter Navarro about his recent report on the six dimensions of election fraud.

UPDATE 12/18/20 – Peter Navarro discusses his research paper: The Immaculate Deception – Theft by a thousand cuts.

12/17/20 – There are now numerous mountains of alleged election fraud evidence strewn across multiple battleground states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and others. There is so much evidence that it is hard to filter through it all and put it in context. So Peter Navarro spent a week analyzing all the available evidence, compiling and summarizing it into one accessible 35 page report – The Immaculate Deception. In the above video Steve Bannon interviews Peter Navarro about his comprehensive report in Bannon’s War Room Ep 591. The report itself is embedded below along with some tweets and articles about it.

While the Fake News media and their Big Tech social media minions continually claim there is no evidence and try to actively bury and suppress the evidence, the truth always has a way of getting out.


The future of America depends on it. We can not let the corrupt leftists steal America. Enough citizens need to learn about all the alleged fraud that took place in this election so that they can urge their legislators to reject the likely fraudulent Electoral Votes from the contested battleground states when Congress convenes to count and certify the Electoral Votes on January 6th.
#TrumpWon! #BidenCheated! #StopTheSteal #FightOn!


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