The Deplorables II - Fighting to Make America Great Again, Again -

The Deplorables II – Fighting to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!

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The Deplorables miraculously defeated Crooked Hillary Clinton and her cabal of corrupt agents and spies in an epic battle to Make America Great Again in the 2016 election. After repelling back-to-back coup attempts in Russiagate and Ukraingate, and battling the China Virus, The Deplorables are back and better than ever with some new and returning team members in:

The Deplorables II.
“The Boss” Trump, “The Wingman” Pence, “The Long Arm of Justice” Barr, “The Enforcer” Durham, “The Mayor” Giuliani, “The Inspector” Nunes, “The Doctor” Carson, “The Bulldog” Jordan, and back from purgatory, “The Patriot” Flynn

Trump’s crack team has been preparing and training to do battle with an even greater threat – Sleepy Joe Biden and his marauding marxist mobs. While Sleepy Joe has been snoozing in his basement lair, his marxist mobs have been rioting, rampaging, pillaging and looting cities across the country as they attempt to rip the very foundations of America apart.

Our only hope is The Deplorables IIFighting to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!
Coming to a polling place near you on November 3rd, 2020.

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