The Deplorables II Fighting to Make America Great Again, Again

The Deplorables II – Gibberish Joe and the Great Election Heist Coup Attempt

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Fighting to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!

The Deplorables miraculously defeated Crooked Hillary Clinton and her cabal of corrupt Deep State agents and spies in an epic battle to Make America Great Again in the 2016 election. After repelling back-to-back coup attempts in Russiagate and Ukraingate, and battling the CCP China Virus pandemic, The Deplorables are back and better than ever with some new and returning team members in:

The Deplorables II.
“The Boss” Donald J. Trump, “The Wingman” Mike Pence, “The Liberator” L Lin Wood, “The Kraken” Sidney Powell, “The Mayor” Rudy Giuliani, “The Inspector” Devin Nunes, “The Doctor” Ben Carson, “The Bulldog” Jim Jordan, and back from purgatory, “The Patriot” Michael Flynn

Trump’s crack team must now face an even greater threat – Gibberish Joe Biden and his marauding marxist mobs. While Gibberish Joe has been hiding in his basement lair, his marxist mobs have been rioting, rampaging, pillaging and looting cities across the country as they attempt to rip the very foundations of America apart.

In this third and final coup attempt the Deep State is trying to steal the free election from the American citizens by raising the dead creating millions of zombie voters. But millions of citizen Deplorables across the country rose up themselves and fought back. They came out by land and by sea in the millions to cast their votes to Make America Great Again, Again! AND they were poised on the verge of re-electing President Trump in a LANDSLIDE victory!

Just then the Deep State struck again. Their henchmen in corrupt Democrat counties shut down their DOMINION vote counting machines in the dead of night and flooded them with millions of counterfeit votes as their cyberhackers hacked into the digital systems to switch millions of votes from President Trump to Gibberish Joe.

Now it’s up to The Deplorables to beat back this final coup attempt in an epic battle for the very survival of America to prevent it from being transformed into a totalitarian socialist hellhole. The Deplorables must find proof of the massive fraud and expose it to the American people against the forces of Gibberish Joe’s evil DMC (Democrat-Media Complex) with their Fake News media and their colluding tech giant social media censors. The clock is ticking and time is running out before the December 14th meeting of the Electors.

Our only hope is The Deplorables IIFighting to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!
Coming to the Electoral College in DC on December 14th, 2020.


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