The Deplorables III Fighting to Make America Great Again, Again #Fix2020 – November 4, 2020 – #TheBigLie

The Deplorables III – Freeing America from the Corrupt Communist Cabal

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Fighting to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!

The Deplorables I

The Deplorables miraculously defeated Crooked Hillary Clinton and her cabal of corrupt Deep State agents and spies in an epic battle to Make America Great Again in the 2016 election. After repelling back-to-back coup attempts in Russiagate and Ukraingate, and battling the deadly CCP China Virus pandemic

The Deplorables were back and ready to battle again in the 2020 election.

The Deplorables II

Trump’s crack team then faced an even greater threat – Gibberish Joe Biden and his marauding marxist mobs. While Gibberish Joe had been hiding in his basement lair, his marxist mobs spent the summer rioting, rampaging, pillaging and looting cities across the country as they attempted to rip the very foundations of America apart.

In this third coup attempt the Deep State spent four years laying the groundwork to steal the free election from the American citizens. They rigged the election system with computer algorithms to siphon just enough votes to avoid detection. They raised the dead creating millions of zombie voters. They even enlisted elite time traveler voters. But millions of citizen Deplorables across the country rose up themselves and fought back to save the country. They came out by land and by sea in the tens of millions to proudly cast their votes to Make America Great Again, Again! They overwhelmed the rigged election system and they were poised on the verge of re-electing President Trump in an historic LANDSLIDE victory!

Just then the Deep State struck again. Their henchmen in corrupt Demoncrat cities shut down their DOMINION vote counting machines in the dead of night, recalibrated their algorithms and flooded the system with millions of counterfeit votes as their cyberhackers hacked into the digital systems to switch millions of votes from President Trump to Gibberish Joe.

The Deplorables had to find proof of the massive fraud and expose it to the American people against the forces of Gibberish Joe’s evil DMC (Democrat-Media Complex) with their Fake News media and their Big Brother Tech giant Socialist Media censors. The clock was ticking and time was running out as thousands of Deplorables made the pilgrimage to DC in support of their congressional allies objecting to the fraudulently certified Electoral Votes on January 6th.

The Deplorables were fully prepared to present the overwhelming evidence of election fraud with their congressional allies standing and objecting to the fraudulently certified electoral votes in key battleground states. Then the unimaginable happened. At the last minute, “The Wingman” (Mike Pence) betrayed Trump and stabbed him in the back under the cover of a radical leftist instigated incursion of the capitol. Rather than sending the fraudulently certified electoral votes back to the key state legislatures who asked for more time to re-certify them, he instead rubber stamped the fraudulent electoral votes thereby handing the White House to the corrupt Gibberish Joe and alleged sexual assaulter.

Then the evil Big Brother Tech giants and their Socialist Media minions used the false flag capitol incursion as a pretext to cancel the first amendment and plunge America into a dark winter. They dropped the hammer on President Trump banishing him from the social media landscape. They waged a scorched earth campaign to purge any trace of election fraud evidence and any deplorables who dared to stand and speak the truth.

With The Deplorables now clearly on the defensive, the radical leftists used the capitol incursion pretext to stage a double secret fake impeachment. They then descended on the capitol with a full military occupation complete with thousands of heavily armed troops and miles of high fences topped with razor wire. And they installed the corrupt Gibberish Joe regime behind their new iron curtain and exiled President Trump from the White House. Once Gibberish Joe was installed they attempted to run a fake impeachment trial to falsely convict President Trump on false charges of inciting insurrection, which spectacularly imploded.

The Deplorables III

So, though battered and bruised, The Deplorables regrouped and reconstituted their forces as new heroes arose to join their ranks and help lead the movement.

The Deplorables III.
“The Boss” Donald J. Trump, “The Redeemer” Mike Lindell, “The Liberator” L Lin Wood, “The Kraken” Sidney Powell, “The Mayor” Rudy Giuliani, “The Hammer” Steve Bannon, “The Defector” Leo Terrell, “The Professor” Peter Navarro and “The Patriot” Michael Flynn

The corrupt Gibberish Joe regime quickly reversed Trump’s America First doctrine and replaced it with Biden’s America LAST doctrine. He began dismantling all of Trump’s policies that worked so well and instead set about transforming America into a socialist dystopia with a wide-open border crisis. He even began importing a new wave of CCP virus infections across the now wide-open southern border. He cancelled President Trump’s 1776 commission which was tasked with teaching America’s founding principles and instead re-instituted critical race theory that would institutionalize racism throughout the country by viewing EVERYTHING through the lens of race. Such insane race colored views even recently led to the banning of Dr. Seuss books. He then set about launching massive tax increases and government spending which will surely destroy what is left of the Trump economy and cause much distress to the citizens.

So, after a brief respite, President Trump rose and rallied The Deplorables to set out and win back America. They have to stop and reverse the damage that the corrupt Gibberish Joe regime is wreaking. They will continue to investigate and expose the overwhelming fraud that was used to steal the 2020 election. They will show that the Biden regime is an illegitimate administration. They will spread the truth far and wide in the face of massive Big Brother Tech and Socialist Media censorship as well as relentless Fake News propaganda.

Our only hope to reclaim America is The Deplorables IIIFighting to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!
Coming to reclaim the Congress in the 2022 election and to reclaim the White House in the 2024 election, or sooner, if they can prove massive election fraud in multiple states like what is happening in the Arizona forensic audit. #Fix2020. The TRUTH will wash away #TheBigLie.


Keep PEACEFULLY spreading the TRUTH and STAY TUNED!

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” — Samuel Adams

– Kyle Becker@kylenabecker, 1:29 AM · Nov 22, 2020

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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