THE GREAT AWAKENING vs THE GREAT RESET — The Ultimate David Icke Interview with Alex Jones Expanding Consciousness to Combat the Global Reset — God Wins!

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In the above mind-blowing video, the visionary David Icke joins the infamous Alex Jones to discuss The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset. In the wide ranging two hour interview David covers expanding consciousness to override propaganda programming and the limited 5-sense illusion of greater reality.

David discusses how different religions through the ages all seem to be describing similar experiences, while using different terminology. He details how the globalists are attacking the concepts of man, woman and parents to destroy the family and unmoor the next generation from a solid foundation.

David explains how in the building battle between The Great Awakening and The Great Reset, God wins in the end!

His new book, The Trap, goes into more detail about many of the concepts that he touched upon in the lengthy interview.

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