They Use Fear & Emotion to Control You – Will You Choose Control or Freedom?

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This bright young lady, Samantha Marika, sees right through all the BS and exposes the truth for all to see. With young people like this our country still has a bright future.

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“Everything they said was going to happen under the Trump administration was lies. It was never going to happen. They just wanted to fill you up with fear so that you wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump. So that you would hate Donald Trump. And so that you would blame the destruction of America on Donald Trump. When in reality the destruction of America is on them. You see who’s paying people to burn down America right now? It’s them. Who’s paying people to loot, steal, riot and destroy mom and pop shops? It’s them.

Who was unhappy when black unemployment was at its lowest, when Latino unemployment was at its lowest? They were. And who refuses to sit at the table with Donald Trump to have a conversation on behalf of the American people, the people they ‘love’ so much? They refuse.

But they manipulated you so much you think it’s Donald Trump’s fault, and it’s not. They hate Donald Trump so much. Not because he’s a ‘racist’ or because he’s a Republican. They hate Donald Trump so much because they cannot control him and that terrifies them.

And so, they know that they can’t control him. So they turned around and tried to control us. And unfortunately, it worked. They controlled people. They made people believe that Donald Trump is evil and disgusting. And they used mainstream media. They gave out sound bites to fit their agenda. Yes, let’s chop it up, perfect. Makes it sound like he’s racist. I’m sure most of you guys never listened to a full Donald Trump speech. To a full Donald Trump interview. You just listened to what mainstream media selected for you, to listen to. They use ‘fact checkers.’ I’m sure most of you guys don’t even question who the ‘fact checkers’ are, and how they know all the ‘facts.’ They used puppets, celebrities, Hollywood. They used chaos, and they used tragedy to emotionally manipulate you into thinking that the problem is Donald Trump, when all along the problem was them.

You see this election is so important, not because Donald Trump is the best man in the whole entire world, but because this election stands for freedom verses control. If we do not vote Donald Trump back into office, it solidifies to them, that they’re able to control us. That they are able to manipulate us, through the use of mainstream media, censorship, ‘fact check.’ They are telling you right in front of your face, hey we’re gonna take the guns, we’re gonna mandate masks. Next it’s gonna be we’re gonna mandate vaccinations. And maybe that doesn’t bother you now, but guarantee, something down the line is going to bother you. It’s going to affect you.

The question is simple for this election. Do you want to be controlled or do you want to be free?”

– Samantha Marika on Facebook

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