This election is NOT Trump vs Biden it is DEFEND America vs DESTROY America

This Election is NOT Trump vs Biden It Is DEFEND America vs DESTROY America

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AMERICA – This election is NOT about Trump verses Biden. It is NOT about whether you like Trump’s tweets or his personality. It is NOT about which “policies” you like. Though that is how the media would like to frame it. This election really boils down to whether you want to elect someone strong who will DEFEND America and her founding principles of freedom, liberty and the rule of law or you want to elect someone weak who will allow the leftists to DESTROY America and turn it into a marxist/socialist tyranny.

This election may be your last chance to make that choice. Because once you vote away your freedom, liberty and rule of law, you can’t get them back.

The left can’t figure out why American Patriots LOVE Trump. It’s very simple. Despite his flaws he is the ONLY ONE standing in the breach to DEFEND America. And Patriots LOVE America. So they LOVE the only one standing to DEFEND her. It’s as simple as that. The left can not understand that though, because they hate America.

President Trump said it best at Mt. Rushmore, under the watchful gaze of American heroes carved into the living rock forever.

President Trump Will Continue to DEFEND America

President Donald J. Trump is NOT a diplomatic politician. He is a rough and tumble businessman. He says what he means and he does what he says. He made billions in the private sector. He saw America being sold out by politicians decade after decade and decided he would step up and DEFEND America. He sacrificed his phenomenal personal and business life to put America first and serve his country donating his entire salary. If re-elected he would continue to DEFEND America, her founding principles, including law and order, as best articulated in his phenomenal speech under the watchful gaze of the American giants carved into Mt. Rushmore.

Biden Would Allow the Leftists to DESTROY America

VP Joe Biden IS a typical politician. He says whatever he needs to say regardless of the truth. He leveraged his political positions to make millions and allegedly peddled his political influence to make his entire family filthy rich. He stood silently by while his leftist supporters tore down statues and monuments of our country’s founding fathers and heroes. He watched while his radical leftist supporters rioted, burned and looted Democrat cities. He called these riots “Peaceful Protests.” He only spoke out against the left-wing violence when it finally began taking a toll on his poll numbers. He is a feeble and weak politician who if elected would allow the radical left to seize power and DESTROY America and her founding values.


So, stand up and help DEFEND America and her founding values: GET OUT AND VOTE TRUMP 2020!

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