UPDATE WI AFTERSHOCKS SPREAD — “This is 1776 all Over Again Ladies and Gentlemen.” Rep Tim Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Electors Advanced to Rules Committee

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Wisconsin, 1/27/22 — In the above War Room video Wisconsin Assembly Member Tim Ramthun discusses the status of his Assembly Joint resolution to decertify the 2020 Wisconsin election and recall their 10 electors that he brought to the floor and had advanced to the Rules Committee. He explains the initial confusion about what happened. His Privileged Resolution was advanced to the Rules Committee and then the Assembly voted unanimously for a different bill that was already in progress. Early reports confused the resolution with the vote on the bill.

The members of the state legislature all have my resolution, the clause data, and the constitutional attorney’s support that justifies and legalizes this action. They’ve been misled, basically since the first part of November, when the information came back after my October questions where we should do this and they’ve been misled ever since. And there’s extensive obstruction coming from the leadership team and they don’t want this thing to move.

Now, it’s in a leadership controlled committee where the chair, the majority leader, said it’s not going anywhere, don’t worry about it. He did that to me on November 18th when I put out the resolution initially, saying sorry guys, here’s the mechanism. So, they have continuously tried to squelch this thing from day one. There doesn’t appear to be, in my opinion, the urgency and the genuine intent to bring it to closure, and that’s what I want.

I want the mystery, the conspiracy, I want the facts and everything out. And we’re going to find that things have been nefarious for more than just 2020, sir.

And that’s the problem, because our elections are one of our most sacred rights. And it’s not about the selected, it’s about the elected. We have to make sure that the people’s voice is heard across our Nation and it starts in Wisconsin. And this needs to be done.

Now what the people can do for me is, you get ahold of your legislator and say “You’ve got the slide presentation. You’ve got the Constitutional data. Tell me why you can’t get on this resolution.” And make the legislator prove that. Now I don’t want to hear the excuses of “Well, the majority leader says it’s not going anywhere.” That’s not the answer.

The answer is “I’ve got factual data in front of me that’s going to make historic difference for our Republic. And it’s going to save it. And I need to take an action. I need to do something,” like as your previous guest the Kelly from Alaska.

This is 1776 all over again ladies and gentlemen.

And at that time, for such a time as then, like it is as such a time as now, for us, it was the same thing. You had no road map. No previous experience to factor into how you would navigate. You just focused on doing the right thing. And that’s what this is all about.

People can call and challenge their representatives and their senators and say “I’m looking at the facts. It says to do the right thing. Why can’t you?”

And that conversation needs to be held between the constituents ad their specific reps. Nobody calls me in my district, Steve, because they get it. And they know I’m doing the right thing and I’m doing it for them. But not just them. The entire Nation’s in play here. And other states should follow and they best do it. So, I’d like to see a Constitutional crisis, [be]cause what happened in November should not have happened.

Thank you.

— WI State Representative, Timothy Ramthun, an American Patriot

Boris Epshteyn on the Ramifications of Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim the WI Electors on Battleground States

UPDATE: 1/28/22 — In the above video Boris Epshteyn joins Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room to discuss the wide ranging ramifications of Tim Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim the WI 2020 Electors. The pressure now comes down on the Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos. The shockwaves from the drop of the Ramthun Resolution reverberate out to the other battleground states of GA, AZ and PA.

GOP County Leaders Call for WI Speaker Vos to Resign

“Speaker Vos and the Legislative Body Have Ignored the Voice and Will of the People” – GOP County Leaders Call on Speaker Vos to Resign

UPDATE: 1/28/22 — After Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim hit the WI Assembly Rules Committee all attention turned to the upper leadership of the WI Assembly who run the rules committee. WI Speaker of the Assembly has recently been found to have possible conflicts of interest as he apparently approved of the likely illegal mail-in ballot brop-boxes in WI.

From Gateway Pundit

“Representative Ramthun’s proactive engagement on this issue has also brought to light another issue of perhaps even greater concern. This is the complete failure by the current leadership to listen to the voice of the people. Speaker Vos and the legislative body have ignored the voice and will of their constituents.

This committee hereby also calls upon Representative Vos to step down from his role as the Speaker of the Assembly as he has, in effect, guaranteed that any number of incumbent Republican assemblymen will lose their seat. Perhaps a step of this drastic nature will be able to demonstrate that the Republican Party of Wisconsin is now willing to listen to the voice of their own constituents.”

— Iowa County Wisconsin GOP Learders via Gateway Pundit

Shockwaves from the WI Resolution to Reclaim Reverberate to AZ and Beyond as States Continue Race to Decertify the Fraudulent 2020 Election

WI Rep Tim Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s Electors and Supporting Documents

Leading up to the introduction of his earth shattering #DECERTIFY resolution in the WI Assembly, Rep Ramthun released a series of press releases along with supporting evidence, a 72 slide Resolution to Reclaim presentation and legal briefs from constitutional attorneys.

72 Slide Resolution to Reclaim Presentation

Download the 72 slide Resolution to Reclaim presentation.


7 Page Resolution to Reclaim Electors

Download the full Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s electors from the 2020 election.


Rep Tim Ramthun’s Decertify Resolution Press Releases: Let There Be Light

Rep Tim Ramthun on Irrefutable Evidence of Massive Election Fraud in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Legislature Has the Legal Obligation to Decertify the 2020 Election

WI Representative Tim Ramthun joins Brannon Howse on FrankSpeech to discuss all the latest WI Election Fraud evidence and his efforts to Decertify WI.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Reports Republican Speaker of The House in Wisconsin Was Involved in Breaking Election Laws

Brannon Howse on FrankSpeech discusses reports of WI Speaker of the House Robbin Vos being involved in authorizing illegal drop-boxes in Wisconsin.

Contact Your WI State Legislators to Support Decertification of the 2020 Election and Election Integrity Measures Going Forward

It is time to put on the pressure Patriots, peacefully of course! Contact your WI state legislators and urge them to support Rep. Ramthun’s resolution for decertification of the 2020 WI Election and to institute strong election integrity measures going forward.

Once the first state decertifies the apparently fraudulent election and blazes the path forward, others will follow suit. The decertification of the Arizona election is currently being held up by just one RINO state senator. If three states decertify, then Biden will OFFICIALLY be illegitimate, as he will have failed to get 270 legally certified electoral votes, and nothing else his regime proposes will have the support to pass. It will effectively shut down this rouge regime. REAL election reform would also sweep the country to secure our Republic going forward.

What happens beyond Decertification is uncertain because we are in uncharted waters with a likely illegitimate executive regime in power…

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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