Trump Pulls Ahead In Closing Days as Best 2016 Pollsters Predict Another Win

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Biden’s campaign is now taking on water due to the glancing blow by the #BobulinskiBombshell. Much like the Titanic after it hit the iceberg, it takes a while before the impending doom becomes self-evident. The Biden campaign sees this too, which is why he has been pushed out of his basement to try to campaign to anemic gatherings, risking exposing his enfeebled state. Michael Moore sees it too and has raised the alarm just as he did in 2016.

It is best to campaign like you are behind, and for your voters to think you are, so everyone gets out and votes. The leftists don’t get that. They think “suppression” polls will suppress our vote and they could just run out the clock. What they don’t get is that actually suppresses THEIR vote because many on the left think it is a comfortable win so it’s not important for them to all get out and vote. And they have so over-hyped the China Virus that they have actually suppressed their own vote. They also don‘t understand that we are not just voting for Trump. We are voting to defend America and her founding principles. We would walk miles through a frozen wasteland to defend America. So all the polls showing us behind only spur us to strive harder to get every one of our votes in and counted! #MAGAA!

In 2016 most of the polls were way off. They consistently predicted an easy win for Hillary with up to 90% certainty. They were ridiculously wrong. But there were a few pollsters in 2016 that accurately showed Donald J. Trump winning. One of those pollsters was Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar Group seen in the video above. The most recent set of Trafalgar Group polls shows Trump gaining in key battleground states.

  • In Florida Trump has pulled ahead by 2% with 47.8% and Biden has fallen to 45.7%.
  • In Nevada Trump has closed the gap to 2% with 45.2% and Biden’s lead has fallen to 47.6%.
  • Trump is pulling 41% of the Hispanic vote in both states.
  • Trump is pulling 20% of the Black vote in Nevada and 27% in Florida.
  • Youth voters are starting to break for Trump due to the lockdowns.

Additional Trafalgar Group polls show Trump ahead in other key battleground states.

  • Trump pulls ahead in Arizona 48.9% to Biden’s 46.4%
  • Trump pulls ahead in Michigan 49.1% to Biden’s 46.6%
  • Trump pulls ahead in North Carolina 48.8% to Biden’s 46.0%
  • Trump is narrowly ahead in Pennsylvania 48.4% to Biden’s 47.6%
  • Trump has closed within 1% in Wisconsin 47.1% to Biden’s 47.5%

Democracy Institute Director Patrick Basham Sees Trump on Track for Another Victory

The Democracy Institute was among the few polls that accurately predicted Trump’s win in 2016. Democracy Institute Director Patrick Basham sees the final days of the 2020 election shaping up the same way and expects another Trump WIN!

“Trump is in very good shape because his voters are way more enthusiastic, they’re way more committed. The Trump campaign’s get out the vote mobilization effort is incredibly sophisticated and in a different lever to Biden’s. So we think that that vote will get out and Donald Trump is MORE likely to be re-elected than Biden is to win.”

“The Democrats have made a very strong effort to get their vote out early because most of their voters are a little unnerved by the pandemic. They don’t want to vote in person. So for all kinds of reasons Democrats are getting their vote out early, but what we see is that the polls that said that the Democrats would MASSIVELY outvote Republicans early, that isn’t happening. Democrats are in most places ahead but nothing like by the margins that the polls suggest. Which number one suggests the polls are not as accurate perhaps about what’s gonna happen in the election as we’ve been told.

And also it suggests that the Republican ground game is as strong as some of us think it is because the Republicans haven’t really even pushed to get their voters out. They’ve been saying, because of concerns about voter fraud, that they will vote mainly on election day, which they will. Yet, still, large numbers of Republicans have shown up in places like Florida and other important states to vote early. So I think so far, no one knows for sure what will happen, the Republican ground game is looking as good as it does on paper. And there’s no reason to think that most of the polls are accurate because they’re getting the early vote wrong.”

When Asked: “Do you think that these secret or shy Trump voters are a real thing?”

“Absolutely, they were a real thing in 2016. They’re a real thing today and we think there are far more of them. And, critically they disproportionately are white educated suburban women, and they are minority voters particularly black male voters in the cities in places like Philadelphia. So IF Donald Trump is re-elected he’s gonna be re-elected, we think, on the basis of surprisingly strong black vote, Hispanic vote and more white middle-class suburban women than most of the polls expect.”

“Conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump, because he’s behind, he desperately must travel everywhere and campaign like a maniac to get out his vote. Biden is well ahead as long as he just has to sort of coast and run out the clock. We think it’s a little different. We think the Biden campaign is very nervous about what Biden may or may not say out in public. He also is having trouble drawing crowds. That looks very bad on television. Trump however, he does better the more he’s out. He’s more energized the third rally of the day than he was at the beginning. His crowds are very very large. He seems to be drawing new voters and non-Republican voters to his rallies. IF those voters actually show up and vote for him, and it’s an if, then that’s a bonus for him.

So I think where the two campaigns see themselves, we can see it by what they’re doing or what they’re not doing. One is either running out the clock. That is Biden, or afraid to come out. And in Trump’s case they see no downside to having him out in front of his voters.

“We’ve been polling Florida separately for three months. We have him most recently up by four points. We’ll see on our last poll of the week and how that looks. We think that Florida is bordering on comfortable for Trump now. It’s very hard to win Florida big. We suspect that Trump will end up winning Florida by a couple of points which is essential to him. It would be an absolute bonus for Joe Biden. If Joe Biden wins Florida the election is most certainly over. But so far. Trump is in good, if not insurmountable shape, in Florida.”

Patrick Basham, Director – Democracy Institute

This is all on top of the previous polls and analysis showing the Republican ground game has outpaced the Democrats for new voter registrations in key battleground states which suggested a Trump WIN.

Trump is barnstorming across the country to MASSIVE ENERGIZED voter rallies, while Biden fails to even generate small gatherings which bodes well for a Trump win. So, even though the Fake Polls of the Democrat-Media Complex Fake News say Biden will win, Trump may indeed be on the path for another shocking upset victory on November 3rd. Stay tuned and VOTE TRUMP 2020!

Infamous Leftist, Michael Moore, is Sounding the Alarm for Biden’s Campaign Just as he did for Hillary’s Campaign in 2016

And enjoy this delicious blast from the past from 2016!

Prepare for Leftist’s Heads to Explode on Nov. 3rd.

Cue all the leftist heads exploding again! But this time he’s gotten so far into their heads that when they explode they’ll now write TRUMP 2020 in the sky!

Leftist Heads Exploding Write Trump 2020 in the Sky

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