UPDATE Tucker Carlson Reveals Book Inadvertently Exposes Likely Treasonous Deep State Military Coup

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General Milley Also Reportedly Countermanded President Trump’s Orders

UPDATE 9/20/21 — WOW, not only did Gen. Milley promise to warn the CCP Military of any potential attacks, but he also reportedly cancelled operations that HE DEEMED provocative to the CCP.

“And then he called the admiral in charge of the region in the Pacific and canceled – asked him to cancel operations that the Chinese might see as provocative.’”


9/17/21 — While the Mass Propaganda Media and Big Brother Tech Socialist Media were busy trying to paint Trump supporters as insurrectionists attempting a right-wing coup, there was apparently a real deep state military coup underway in America. Excerpts from a new book claim that General Mark Milley was busy “saving” Democracy. But what it really inadvertently exposed was a likely treasonous deep state military coup. If true, General Mark Milley conspired with the sitting President of the United States’s political opponents, and America’s most significant military rival, the Chinese Communist Party.

Milley reportedly promised his counterpart in the CCP military that he would tip them off about any potential attacks. Milley also reportedly subverted the chain of command and assumed military control of America’s nuclear arsenal, away from the President of the United States. So while the left ran around screaming about a supposed unarmed coup by a half naked crazy man in a horned hat, the deep state was busy wresting control of the US military away from the sitting President of the United States.

As Tucker said in the above video: “That’s treason.”

Tucker Carlson Wonders Why No One Apparently Cares that The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs May have Committed Treason and a Military Coup

It looks like the Flag Officers 4 America were unfortunately correct about the marxist takeover of our military. They were already calling for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to resign over the complete and utter failure in Afghanistan leaving Americans behind to the Taliban. They have submitted an open letter for their resignations signed by over 160 retired flag officers.


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