UPDATE: US Supreme Court to Hear Accelerated Case to Overturn PA Election as Unconstitutional – Injunction Denied Case Alive

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UPDATE 12/08/20 – SCOTUS has just denied the sought injunction in this case, but not necessarily the case itself which is still apparently pending before the SCOTUS… This case is outside the purview of the Trump legal team, but it would still be helpful if successful of course. We’ll see what they do with the other cases headed their way. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 12/07/20 – Ted Cruz has agreed to present the oral arguments before the Supreme Court if accepted.

UPDATE 12/06/20 – Supreme Court Justice Alito just accelerated the deadline for defendant response from Dec. 9th, to Dec. 8th, BEFORE the Electoral College Safe Harbor deadline…

Response to application (20A98) requested by Justice Alito, due Tuesday, December 8, by 9 a.m. (docket entry updated 12/6/20)

[SCOTUS docket No. 20A98 Mike Kelly, United States Congressman, et al., Applicants v. Pennsylvania, et al.]

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has made a critical decision which may signal that court’s willingness to hear a controversial case attempting to flip Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results.

The Tuesday deadline may signal that the Supreme Court takes Kelly’s case, which was rejected by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court with prejudice last weekend.

According to Kelly’s filing, the ‘no-excuse mail-in’ voting scheme should only apply in a limited number of circumstances, and that people must vote in person unless a narrow list of excuses applies. Thus, Act 77 and related election access laws should be invalidated – along with votes cast under it in the 2020 election.

Shared from ZeroHedge & More via Law & Crime:

SCOTUS 12/05/20 –  Supreme Court Justice Alito previously ordered Pennsylvania to segregate mail-in ballots received after election day. Well late Friday Justice Alito has scheduled to hear Sean Parnell’s PA application for injunctive relief claiming the PA mail-in ballots and therefore the PA election were unconstitutional. This will be the first shot at overturning this likely stolen election in the Supreme Court of the United States. More suits will also likely make it to SCOTUS, giving the Trump legal team many shots at righting this wrong.

The momentum created by exposing the massive mountain of alleged fraud has finally built up critical mass since the nuclear bombs dropped at the hearing in Georgia. This comes on the heels of the earth shattering hearing in Arizona and the initial turning point hearing in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

In the above video Tim Pool discusses the possible reasons that SCOTUS scheduled the hearing on 12/9/20, a day after the safe harbor day for electors.

Pennsylvania Election lawsuit has been officially docketed at the US Supreme Court!!! Justice Alito has ordered the state to respond no later than December 9th.

Did Justice Alito set a ‘Safe Harbor’ trap by setting Pennsylvania response deadline a day AFTER?

Again, it’s conspicuous that Justice Alito extended the response date until the day after “Safe Harbor” day. If they wanted to send a signal that the Supreme Court isn’t getting involved, they could have either not accepted the petition or they could have followed standard practices and set the state’s deadline for the 7th or earlier. By delaying it, Justice Alito has given Representative Kelly, his legal team, and others an open door to disregard “Safe Harbor” and press forward with efforts to overturn fraudulent election results.

– by JD Rucker, NOQReport.com

Pennsylvania State Legislators Call for Congress to Reject PA Electors

Meanwhile, the bombshells continue to explode all over the battleground states, since the turning point in Gettysburg, legislators in PA move to DECERTIFY their likely fraudulent election results.


Arizona State Legislator Requests Recalling Arizona’s Certification

After the ground shattering Arizona hearing the Arizona legislators are following in the PA legislators’ footsteps and also pushing to decertify their likely fraudulent results.


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