VIDEO Reflection Busts Biden Using Teleprompter in Interview LOL!

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Biden’s Basement — LOL! #PrompterGate is really heating up now as it just goes deeper and deeper.

  1. We first posted a funny satire piece (WATCH Joe Biden Channels Ron Burgundy Reading Teleprompter Cues as Part of Speech – [end of headline]) where we jokingly wrote that maybe Biden’s handlers load the questions and answers in his teleprompter, and he might just read those too!
  2. Next we created a post (WOW After We Joked Biden May Read Answers off Teleprompter, Now it Looks Like He Does Just That! LOL!) that showed a video where it looked like he was indeed reading his answers off the teleprompter. And Facebook didn’t like that and “reduced our distribution” on our Facebook page! (So be sure to SUBSCRIBE DIRECTLY TO THIS BLOG rather than through Facebook so you get all our posts!)
  3. Then we created a post (WATCH Campaign Spokesman Refuses to Answer if Biden Uses Teleprompter to Answer Questions! Why?) which showed a video where Biden’s spokesman refused to answer the question whether Biden uses a teleprompter during interviews or supporter Q & A sessions.

NOW the video (above & below) surfaced where Biden outs himself. During an earlier interview from his basement he holds up a picture to show the camera. Unfortunately for him the picture is in a glassed frame. And that glass picks up a reflection as he holds it up to the camera. That reflection appears to show that he is indeed using a teleprompter, with green and blue text, in the interview. Now we know why his campaign spokesman refused to answer the question. LOL!

Joe Biden Appears to Reflect Teleprompter Text During TV Interview

Biden appearing on CBS’s The Late Late Show months ago, held up a photo of himself posing with his two sons when they were in college, a picture which he said hangs in his bedroom.

As he held up the framed picture, green text seemed to reflect off the glass and into his camera.

As the apparent text first appeared, the show quickly cut to a shot of host James Corden, then back to Biden holding up the photo.

A slowed-down snippet highlighting this moment racked up hundreds of thousands of views Friday night, quickly eclipsing the view count on the Late Late Show‘s official upload.

– by Kyle Olsen via Brietbart

Check out the teleprompter in the reflection. Biden blatantly read from a script for most of the interview with James Corden.

I bet his handlers weren’t too happy with him going off script. He probably got reprimanded.

Michael Moore via Twitter

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