WATCH “Absolutely 9-0” Mike Lindell’s Latest Episode in his Masterful 2020 Election Fraud Series

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LINDELLTV.COM – For those who may have missed it, Mike Lindell, of MyPillow, added another MUST WATCH installment of his 2020 election fraud series – Absolutely 9-0. This installment delves further into the “PCAPS” (Packet Captures) that white-hat hackers captured during the 2020 stolen election and delivered to Mike Lindell on January 9th to help get the word out. They reportedly captured this data in transit during and immediately after the election. These packet captures allegedly show the IP addresses of the originating computers as well as the election voting machines that were targeted. They purportedly show the election being hacked in real time, right down to number of votes that were flipped with timestamps. You can also watch Absolutely 9-0 on or

This is the latest video in his continuing series about the stolen 2020 election which includes Absolute Interference, Scientific Proof and Absolute Proof. The evidence makes the case that the China compromised Biden regime was installed, not elected.

Mike Lindell Discussing Absolutely 9-0 on OAN’s The Real Story

In the above video Mike Lindell discusses Absolutely 9-0 with Natalie Harp on OAN’s The Real Story.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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