WATCH: Bannon & Gorka Preview the Coming Storm that will Swamp Biden

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As Sleepy Joe has retreated to cower in his basement bunker while the bombshells drop all around his campaign, Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka preview the coming storm that will sink Biden’s floundering campaign. First Joe Biden’s Ukraine corruption bombshell hit, and the FBI had the hard drive while President Trump was being falsely impeached to cover up Biden’s Ukraine corruption. Then Joe Biden’s Communist China corruption bombshell hit showing Hunter Biden was funneling millions from the communist Chinese to the Biden Crime Family. Then these bombshell emails were confirmed to be authentic from multiple sources. This was all as the Fake News Media and Big Tech of the Democrat-Media Complex went into panicked damage control to try to block and suppress this story. Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka explain the strategy behind revealing this material in a phased rollout. They get the Fake News Media and Big Tech to bite on the small initial reveal and deny it’s validity before dropping the real bombshells with fully authenticated evidence. Those BIG bombshells start dropping tomorrow morning.

This could indeed be the end of the Biden Crime Family and swamp their presidential campaign. It could turn out to be the lynch pin that sinks Biden in his own swamp, re-elects Donald Trump and finally allows Trump to drain that swamp!

Stay tuned!

We can’t let such corruption take the White House SO VOTE TRUMP 2020!

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