WATCH BIDEN Called Troops Stupid Bastards, Dull and Slow NOT TRUMP!

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Well would you look at that! As is their modus operandi the Leftist Fake News Media claims that Trump disparaged the troops proves to be another case of projection yet again. It was BIDEN who called the troops “Stupid Bastards,” “Dull” and “Slow” when they failed to clap for him in newly unearthed video. He did this in what appears to be a poor attempt at humor that falls flat. What makes it especially delicious is he says this, shortly after saying “I have Incredibly good judgement.”

This is far worse than poor Jeb!’s “Please clap.” awkward moment. LOL!

Moral of the story is as always. When the left accuses the right of something, start the countdown because you’ll soon learn that it was in fact the left who did what they accused the right of doing.

Looks like the Fake News Media owes President Trump an apology! Now watch for the week long stories about how Joe Biden disparaged the troops… don’t hold your breath!

I have incredibly good judgement.

One. I married Jill.

And two I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that.

Clap for that you stupid bastards. Come on man.

Man you all a dull bunch. Must be slow here man.

Former VP Joe Biden in March 2016

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