WATCH: BLM Gives Wake-up Call to the Nation: “Wake up Motherf****r, WAKE UP!”

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Portland Oregon Rapidly Expanding Peace Zone – On the 85th straight night of peace in Portland the BLM peaceful protesters left the peacefully damaged city and made their way into the surrounding peaceful neighborhoods. Around 4:30AM a mob of peaceful protestors peacefully motored down the peaceful neighborhood street peacefully blaring truck horns, peacefully shining spotlights into houses and peacefully bellowing through a bullhorn their message of peace and love for the nation.

“Wake Up MotherF****r, WAKE UP!”

“Yes, I Know Joe Biden F***ing S***s, But Vote for Him Please!”

BLM Wake-up Call to the Nation

It was yet another glimpse of what the nation has to look forward to if people don’t wake up and vote the Democrats, who are condoning and promoting such behavior, out of office across the country. If Biden takes the White House and these Democrats are given the chance to defund the police nationwide, you may be peacefully woken up at 4AM with spotlights and blaring messages of peace and love in your neighborhood too. –PatriotBites

[NOTE: Big Tech may ban and remove these videos faster than a hydroxy… video. After all, they can’t have the truth about BLM getting out. That would be counter to their carefully crafted narrative. I’ll try to find copies on more free-speech platforms and update the links when I can.]


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[NOTE: If the following videos get banned or removed from Twitter. I’ll try to find alternates and post if possible.]

VIDEO: “Wake Up Motherf*ckers!” BLM-Antifa Militants Storm Into Portland Neighborhood in Late Night Rampage

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[NOTE: If the following videos get banned or removed from Twitter. I’ll try to find alternates and post if possible.]

Four days of Democrat jawing away about President Trump, but not one word condemning this violence, destruction, looting, rioting and hatred of BLM/Antifa.

On the contrary, the Democrats cheer the destroyers.

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A BLM mob used spotlights and bullhorn chants of “Wake up, motherf****r!” to terrorize a residential area in Portland, according to video released Thursday night.

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Journalist Andy Ngo reported, “’Wake up, mother f—ker wake up!’ chant BLM in Portland tonight as they go through residential areas and shut down the streets.”

The 55 second video shows a mob of domestic terrorists using a megaphone to repeatedly scream “Wake up, mother f—ker wake up!” in the middle of a residential street, which they are obviously blocking. They also shine lights in the windows of the homes.

The homes are all dark. A speed limit signs reads “25 MPH.”

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… and Democrats allow BLM and Antifa to continue spreading endless peace and love across the nation…

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