WATCH Campaign Spokesman Refuses to Answer if Biden Uses Teleprompter to Answer Questions! Why?

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Somewhere in Leftist Bizarro Land — WOW this story just keeps getting better and better. First we wrote a funny satire piece (WATCH Joe Biden Channels Ron Burgundy Reading Teleprompter Cues as Part of Speech – [end of headline]) about how Biden accidentally reads the prompts off his teleprompter along with his speeches. We satirically wrote that maybe the questions and answers were also loaded in his teleprompter and he might just read those too!

Then a video surfaced where he was apparently doing just that, reading his answers from the teleprompter. In that video a supporter asked a question and Biden said “Move it up here…” and then he waited while the teleprompter was apparently being adjusted. Then he indeed appeared to be laboriously reading his answer off the teleprompter. Since that appeared to confirm the premise of our earlier satire piece we created a new post (WOW After We Joked Biden May Read Answers off Teleprompter, Now it Looks Like He Does Just That! LOL!). We included that video and we also shared the post to our Facebook page. The post was getting pretty good traction and that must have triggered Facebook because we were then notified that our “Facebook page distribution was being reduced” because we posted what they called “Click-bait” which they said was “a misleading or incomplete headline making people click the link.” LOL!

SO, Let’s take a close look at that headline that they labeled as “click-bait” – WOW After We Joked Biden May Read Answers off Teleprompter, Now it Looks Like He Does Just That! LOL! So first we said that “We joked Biden may read answers off Teleprompter.” which is exactly what the first post was about. Then it said “Now it looks like he does just that!” which the second video indeed does look like he does just that (and the video posted above where his spokesman refuses to answer the question pretty much confirms it!). So what is “misleading” about that? Nothing of course. What’s more likely is that Facebook is apparently just using any excuse they can to censor and diminish conservative speech leading up to this election. It looks like they are trying their darnedest to run interference for Sleepy Joe Biden because he needs it.

So any followers of our PatriotBites Facebook page should instead please subscribe to us directly here on the PatriotBites blog to be sure not to miss any of our best posts that Facebook may be censoring or “diminishing our distribution” of. Or you may also follow our PatriotBites account over on MeWe, which is like Facebook but without all the BS, NO ads, NO privacy violations and best of all, NO censoring of conservative speech!

As this election heats up, don’t let Facebook limit the conservative voices that you can hear!

Biden’s national press secretary TJ Ducklo’s blatant refusal to answer the simple question in the above video says it all…

Bret Bair Asks: Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q and A with supporters?

Biden’s National Press Secretary TJ Ducklo refuses to answer the question…

FoxNews Interview Video

Donald Trump Jr. Was Quite Amused

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