WATCH: Donald Trump Speaks at First Live Event After Beating COVID

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The White House – President Trump is back on the campaign trail after beating COVID-19. President Trump gave his first live speech to supporters and law enforcement on the south lawn of the White House. He spoke for about 15 minutes from the White House balcony.

Make America Great Again, AGAIN! #MAGA #Trump2020

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2 Responses

  • President Trump needs a platform with a bigger reach. I am not an expert but I heard on Alex Jones that his new From the desk of Donald Trump doesn’t have a big enough reach to get his message out to enough people. If he will build it, they will come.
    I also do not understand why he is pushing these dangerous so called vaccines. There are far to many deaths & adverse reactions, along with too many questions about their safety & long term effects. He is losing support over this issue.

    • Right now he’s just using a simple blog to get his message out. You’d be surprised of the reach he gets because every one of his posts is immediately re-posted and shared by millions of followers. So in effect his platform, is us. He is also apparently working on a bigger technical platform, but that will take time to develop, test and bring live. In the meantime keep sharing the truth!

      As for the vaccines, I don’t think he’s losing any support. He’s not “pushing” the vaccines as far as mandates or requirements. He’s only pushing to make them available to those who want them. That is light years away from the Biden Regime’s approach. Once the Novavax vaccine is released then we’ll also have one that does not use mRNA or make your cells grow the spike proteins. That one is more like a conventional vaccine so may hopefully have less potential issues.

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