WATCH: Massive Crowd Erupts FIGHT FOR TRUMP at Georgia Trump Rally

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VALDOSTA GEORGIA 12/5/20 – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump held a Trump Rally in Valdosta Georgia today to Stop the Steal and support the GA Runoff election. When Perdue and Loeffler took the stage the Trump crowd started chanting: “STOP THE STEAL!” & “FIGHT FOR TRUMP!”

The massive crowd knows that President Trump easily won reelection in a LANDSLIDE and that the most importing thing right now is not the coming runoff election, but rather to STOP THE STEAL of this election!

Trump EXPOSES the Rigged Election Playing Video from NewsMax and One America News at the Rally

While the Fake News media and their Big Tech media minions desperately attempt to hide and censor the massive evidence of rampant election fraud, President Trump used the rally as a platform to get the word out. He showed a video from NewsMax covering the Georgia election workers apparently secretly counting ballots that were hidden in suitcases from under a table late at night after sending GOP poll watchers home. He then followed up with another video from One America News outlining further election fraud including the USPS contract driver who drove a trailer full of ballots across state lines from NY to PA only for the trailer to go missing, and that hundreds of thousands of late ballots were allegedly backdated by the USPS.

Trump also trolled the Fake News media at the rally by making them all have to type “Make America Great Again” and “RiggedElection!” to log onto the event’s WiFi hotspot. LOL!

Full Coverage of the Entire Georgia Trump Rally

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