WATCH HUUGE Video Collection of 500+ Trump Boat Parades as Red Wave Rises from Coast to Coast

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Coast to Coast USA – Judging by the MASSIVE Trump Boat Parades that have been springing up from coast to coast all summer, and peaking on labor day weekend, it looks like there is a MASSIVE RED WAVE RISING. While Biden supporters have been “peacefully” taking to the streets, Trump supporters have been quietly taking to the waves to show their massive support for President Trump!

Let’s take a look at just some of this massive red wave of Trump boat parades. Please be patient, there are LOTS of Twitter embeds on this page so it may take some time to load. I’ll update the page throughout Labor Day weekend. The embedded YouTube video at the top shows a playlist [Top right corner where it says 1/200, because that’s all that fits in their menu] of over 500 Trump boat parade videos from across the country this weekend and over the summer. Feel free to jump around the videos and check out any in the rapidly expanding playlist! I reached a little over 400 Trump Boat Parade YouTube videos added to the playlist when I finally gave up. The actual full list was apparently endless as it just kept going on and on!


[NOTE: A few of the twitter posts were replies to other posts so there are a few unrelated tweets that they were attached to.]

September 2020 Trump Boat Parades

August 2020 Trump Boat Parades

July 2020 Trump Boat Parades

June 2020 Trump Boat Parades

May 2020 Trump Boat Parades

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