UPDATE FREE Kyle Rittenhouse – The Truth in 11 Minutes – See What Really Happened in the Kenosha Riot

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UPDATE: Kyle Rittenhouse freed on 2M bail raised by LLinWood by Deplorables!

In the Kenosha BLM Riots Kyle Rittenhouse Attempted to Defend Local Businesses and had to Fight for his Life, Killing Two of the Rioters and Injuring Another

In the Kenosha BLM riots Kyle Rittenhouse was attempting to defend local businesses with a group of citizen defenders. The riots quickly escalated out of control and Kyle was attacked. While defending himself and fighting for his life he allegedly killed two of the rioters. He’s been charged with murder in what was most likely a self-defense situation. NONE of his attackers have been charged with anything.

A free speech organization, #FightBack Foundation, has raised funds for his legal defense. They also released the above viral video to try to get the truth out about what went down that tragic night.

Read more about it at The Post Millenial’s America News.

Visit FightBack.law to help and SHARE THE ABOVE VIDEO!

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