WATCH Matt DePerno Discusses MORE NEW EVIDENCE of Election Fraud in Michigan – Phantom Votes, 100% 65-80 Yr. Olds Vote, 20% PO Boxes

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MICHIGAN 5/8/21 – In the above video Matt DePerno discusses his latest narrative shattering alleged election fraud evidence with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room Ep. 933.

“Well, we see a lot of similarities actually with what’s happening in Arizona. In Antrim County [MI] we’ve seen the county actually hide the fact that they purchased 17 USB external modems. They hid that from us, didn’t tell us about it. And we see a lot of the same issues in the canvasing board that we see in Arizona right now.”

– Matt DePerno, Bannon’s War Room, 5/8/21

American Patriots across the nation are grinding out the evidence to expose the truth about #TheBigLie of the fraudulent 2020 election. As if the previous BOMBSHELL NEW EVIDENCE showing votes being switched on Dominion voting machines in Michigan was still not enough for the election fraud deniers, now Matt DePerno has dropped MORE NEW EVIDENCE of alleged election fraud in Michigan, including the following:

New discoveries and filings today:
(1) 1,061 phantom ballots discovered in Antrim
(2) nearly 100% turnout between ages 65 and 80
(3) 20.3% of all ballots sent to PO boxes—may-2021.html …

– Matthew S. DePerno, Esq. May, 7 2021

Gov’t response through the ages:

Nov 4: there was no fraud

Nov 21: we fixed all the fraud

Dec 14: there was not enough fraud to overturn the results

Mar 10: there was literally so much fraud, but you have no standing to talk about it

May 7: you found more fraud?

– Matthew S. DePerno, Esq. May, 8 2021

Democrats: ‘Election fraud in 2020 is a conspiracy theory!’

Also Democrats: ‘No, we don’t have passwords for voting machines. No, you can’t have the routers. No, you can’t check signatures. No, you can’t check addresses door-to-door. Don’t you dare pass election integrity laws!”

– Kyle Becker, May 8, 2021

Mike Lindell – The Biggest Coverup in History

In the above video Mike Lindell discusses alleged Dominion election fraud evidence, the state of the Arizona forensic audit and with Steve Bannon in Bannon’s War Room Ep. 932.

This is the biggest coverup, probably in history, for a crime. It’s so massive that they’ve covered this up, all the stuff that the did with the machines. What’s gonna be nice about Maricopa County, they’re gonna get in the machines. They can sit there and say they don’t have the codes, and all this stuff, you know. Everyone in this county’s going to demand and we’re not gonna let it go by this time. We need to see what’s in there and what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna show Maricopa that Donald Trump really won by between eighty and ninety thousand votes. And that’s gonna just set off a thing of dominoes across the country.

I’ll give Dominion a little scare this morning. Dominion, we have machines now. I do. I have machines. We have ES&S machines. We got ’em all. And we’re gonna be putting out so much information over the next couple of weeks. This isn’t from Arizona Steve. These are machines we actually have and we’re doing all of our own tests. We’re gonna have a lot of surprises, a lot of great news for the country.

Their big cover up is just starting to come apart at the seams. So, if I was Dominion. If I worked for Dominion right now I’d be turning myself in. I wouldn’t even let it get too much longer. It’s over for them.

– Mike Lindell, Bannon’s War Room, 5/8/21

Peter Navarro – Cheat Ratio in Arizona 24x Biden’s “Victory” Margin

In the above video Peter Navarro discusses alleged election fraud as outlined in his three volume Navarro Report, the state of the Arizona forensic audit and how Georgia is likely next with Steve Bannon in Bannon’s War Room Ep. 932.

You’ve got a Biden victory margin of only about ten thousand votes. You’ve got a cheat ratio of twenty four times that, meaning of the possible illegal votes its two hundred and fifty thousand possibly illegal votes.”

– Peter Navarro, Bannon’s War Room, 5/8/21

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump

At 6:31 in the morning on November 4th, a dump of 149,772 votes came in to the State of Michigan. Biden received 96% of those votes and the State miraculously went to him. Has the Michigan State Senate started their review of the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 yet, or are they about to start? If not, they should be run out of office. Likewise, at 3:42 in the morning, a dump of 143,379 votes came in to the state of Wisconsin, also miraculously, given to Biden. Where did these “votes” come from? Both were State Election changing events, and that is on top of the other corruption without even including the fact that neither state got Legislative approval, which is required under the United States Constitution.

– President Trump – May, 7th 2021
Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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