WATCH Mike Lindell Enter the Lion’s Den and Brave the Jimmy Kimmel Show Pillow Fight

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Last night Mike Lindell of MyPillow went on the Jimmy Kimmel show to bring his message out to the masses. Many people who have not searched for the truth themselves have no idea that there were serious irregularities and likely substantial fraud in the 2020 election. If they only get their news and information from within the mass media news and big tech social media bubble, where discussion of anything that counters the establishment’s narrative has been suppressed, censored, banned and canceled, they would only hear one viewpoint.

So Mike probably opened quite a few eyes by displaying an alternate viewpoint inside their pristine bubble. Jimmy Kimmel did allow Mike to say much more than would have been expected. He let Mike mention Dominion voting systems, that he believes the 2020 election was stolen, his new free-speech platform that he wasn’t taking the vaccine and much more. Jimmy did of course take a few cheap shots, but Mike stood his ground and took everything in his good natured stride.

Overall, the interview wasn’t as bad as expected. Watch it in the video above.

Mike showed that the easiest way to defeat these people is to simply hold a mirror to them, so all can see who they really are. And keep spreading the truth, to cut right through their lies.

Pop their propaganda bubble…

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Powerful Reactions to Mike Lindell Destroying Jimmy Kimmel

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