ICYMI WATCH: Mike Lindell’s $5 Million Cyber Symposium Challenge Showing Trump WON in a LANDSLIDE by 6 Million Votes with 325 Electoral Votes, Lindell Physically Assaulted

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WATCH FULL LIVESTREAM ABOVE. Alternate streams are also available on FrankSpeech.com, LindelTV.com, RSBN. Portions also broadcast on RealAmericasVoice.com during Bannon’s War Room, OAN and NewsMax.

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day Three 8/12/21

What’s being revealed at the Cyber Symposium has apparently pushed the leftist’s buttons…

Mike Lindell opened the third day of his explosive Cyber Symposium with some concerning news. He had been physically assaulted after the close of the day two events. He was jabbed in the ribs with an apparent pressure point attack, but is OK.

“I’m okay, but it hurts.”

“I was physically attacked last night. Why?”

– Mike Lindell about being physically assaulted

Apparently another member of Tina Peters associates had his home raided after yesterday’s ground shaking disclosure. Also various bad actors attempted to inject malware and faulty data into the election data being provided, but those efforts were thwarted by Lindell’s cyber expert team. The attacks are being referred to the proper law enforcement agencies.

Also, a supposed member of Lindell’s cyber team has apparently reported that the PCAP data used is fake. Lindell’s team refutes the allegations and is looking into the person, who they say may allegedly be a CIA plant.

The leftists must be in full panic mode now and are trying to shut this down by any means necessary. As censorship and fake news is failing to stop the patriots, the left is now resorting to intimidation and outright violence. They are DESPERATE to squelch the truth. That shows one thing, and one thing only.

Mike Lindell is well over the target and taking massive flak!

All fifty states were represented at the Cyber Symposium which showed all fifty states had their elections compromised. During the Symposium it was revealed that Texas was joining Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania in launching a full forensic audit of the 2020 election. At the end of the Cyber Symposium the legislators and citizen Patriots vowed to return to their states and push for full forensic audits with renewed enthusiasm and determination.

DOMINION: Joe Oltmann Serbian Technology with Chinese Characteristics

Professor David Clements Gave an Outstanding Presentation About the Crime of the Century

ICYMI Watch Most of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day Three 8/12/21

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day Two 8/11/21

Patrick Colbeck Shows Just How Insecure Our Elections Really Are

The earth shattering news that they dropped today was that Tina Peters, the elected Colorado Mesa county clerk who became a whistleblower apparently delivered to the Red Team full forensic images of the Dominion election machine both before AND after Dominion made a recent “software update.” The team of white hack cyber forensic experts began examining those machine forensic images in realtime during a question and answer session with the audience.

NOW we know why the officials back in CO raided her office. Mike Lindell had originally intended to reveal this information last night at 8PM ET but had to change plans. This developing situation is very fluid as actors are apparently actively trying to stop the public disclosure of this information.

They had a hard time keeping the the live syncs between the remote cyber analyst and the local team due to the servers reportedly being hacked to shut this down. Whenever they got everything connected and began examining/displaying the data on the forensic images their connections would quickly go down again. They had to keep switching over to backup connection sources.

Once they moved to an alternate pathway they were able to keep the connections up and found some interesting things. This preliminary examination showed that the Dominion employee apparently completely wiped the machine when installing the recent “software update.” This effectively wiped out all traces of prior election data. What was interesting is that the first image had quite a few years worth of data on it, meaning none of the previous software updates wiped the machine. So why do you think they are going around the country wiping all these machines out now? Pretty interesting to say the least…

They also confirmed that this voting machine was indeed communicating with other machines over the Internet.

Dr. Shiva of Massachusetts Exposes Big Brother Tech Government Collusion Intentionally Circumventing Our First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech

Behind the Election Integrity Curtain in the 2020 Election

In the above video Captain Seth Keshel shows the results of his statistical analysis which also shows Trump won in a LANDSLIDE.

Trump Won the 2020 Election in a LANDSLIDE Winning 8 Additional States AND the Popular Vote

Mike Lindell and Brannon Howse disclosed ALL the real results of the 2020 Election, based on their packet captures, showing Trump won in a LANDSLIDE. Trump not only won 8 more states than recognized but he even won the popular vote by over 6 million votes.

Nationwide Popular Vote: Trump: 80,744,263 to Biden: 74,740,455

President Trump won 325 Electoral Votes to Biden’s 213.

ICYMI Watch Much of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day 2

Mike Lindell”s Cyber Symposium Day One 8/10/21

UPDATE: FrankSpeech and LindelTV servers went down right at the start, under cyberattack again. So we’ve embedded RSBN’s Rumble Livestream above as an alternate viewing source incase the prime servers go down.

Lindell had three separate systems set up to get this livestream out. ALL three of their avenues were attacked and shut down. And DOMINION filed brand new lawsuits against NewsMax, OAN and Patrick Byrne to try to shut them up.

After about an hour Lindell’s team was able to route everything over to a fourth pipeline to get the livestream back up.


They launched the Cyber Symposium with the above “Wakeup Call” video showing how China stole the election.

Dr. Frank Presents His Statistical Evidence that the Election was Hacked Using the 2010 Census to Mine Phantom Votes as Needed

During the day they held a mock election and within five minutes one of the cyber hacker participants was able to hack it and reset the election from his cell phone. He was able to hack in and change the votes.

Eduardo Bolsonaro Talks about the “Brazilian Trump” and Election Fraud

Throughout the first day of the Cyber Symposium they released the results of the data in many states. ALL states were hacked and had votes switched from Biden to Trump. Here are some of the key states where enough votes were allegedly switched to steal the states from Trump, where Trump really won in a LANDSLIDE.

These numbers only account for votes that were flipped by cyber hacking. These numbers do not include any fraud on the ground, such as pulling suitcases of allegedly counterfeit ballots out from under tables or allegedly running ballots through the machines multiple times as was caught on video in Georgia and probably took place in many locations that barred poll watchers.

Whistleblower Mesa County Clerk Comes Forward from Colorado

At about 8:30 ET a whistleblower Tina Peters, elected Mesa county clerk in Colorado took the stage to reveal her office had been raided while she was on the plane en route to the Cyber Symposium. It looks like the Colorado Secretary of State allegedly released election passwords online and allegedly tried to frame this county clerk who was investigating election fraud. She apparently brought some data to give to Lindell’s Red Team for forensic analysis. The Red Team is expected to report their results on Thursday.

ICYMI Most of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day 1 with Mini Mike Lindell

SIOUX FALLS SOUTH DAKOTA – Mike Lindell, of MyPillow, launches his eagerly awaited Cyber Symposium on Tuesday August 10th – 12th in Sioux Falls South Dakota with a $5 Million challenge awarded to anyone who can prove his evidence is false. The Cyber Symposium will be streaming live on FrankSpeech.com for 72 hours straight. In the above video Mike Lindell discusses the Cyber Symposium with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room Ep. 1,151.

Above is the banned Cyber Symposium video ad that Fox News refused to run, resulting in Mike Lindell pulling his $50 million ad budget from Fox News and Fox Business.

The symposium will be releasing 37 terabytes of data including the “PCAPS” (Packet Captures) that white-hat hackers captured during the 2020 stolen election and delivered to Mike Lindell on January 9th to help get the truth out. The white hack hackers reportedly captured this data in-transit, during and immediately after the election. These packet captures allegedly show the IP addresses of the originating computers as well as the election voting machines that were targeted. They purportedly show the election being hacked in real time, right down to number of votes that were flipped in each state complete with timestamps.

Mike Lindell Discussing the Cyber Symposium with Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog

Mike Lindell Responds to the Latest CNN Hit Piece from his Contentious 2 Hour Interview

In the above video Mike Lindell discusses the latest CNN hit piece trying to discredit his Cyber Symposium. Mike Lindell gave a couple of tease highlights that will be revealed at the Cyber Symposium including that Donald Trump won New Hampshire and that the most votes were flipped in California, Oregon and Washington state.

Mike Lindell’s 2020 Election Fraud Video Series

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is the full release of all the packet capture evidence used in his election fraud series of videos about the 2020 stolen election. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to watch these before the Cyber Symposium in order to know what it’s all about.

Follow the Mounting Election Fraud Evidence Revealing the Truth About the Stolen 2020 Election #TrumpWON!

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